Swimming Accessories for Kids

Kids love to swim and whether you're hitting the beach or the pool, most of them just can't wait to get in the water. To make the most of your day in the sun, you need to pack the right items before you head out the door.

Use this guide from Pottery Barn Kids to make sure you've got all of the essential swimming accessories ready to go.


Having some major fun in the sun is something parents and kids both look forward to. To keep the sun at bay while you're at play though, you need adequate protection for your child's head and neck. That's where a quality hat comes in.

Hats with wide brims can work especially well, but if your child won't keep those on, ball caps are a smart backup. They can even be worn in the pool if you don't mind tossing them in the washing machine once you get home.


Mom and dad won't forget their sunglasses when they hit the pool or go on a beach day, but to kids, they're a far less important fashion accessory. They really do a lot to protect the eyes though and your kids should have them on as much as possible when they're outside.

Go for sunglasses that offer a firm, stable fit that won't move around on your child's face. Strap-style glasses that go around the neck are also a smart buy for kids who want to bounce around instead of staying still on the sand.


Sunscreen is perhaps the number one essential item that parents and kids need to pack for a day by the water. While it isn't ideal for children under six months of age, older kids should have sunscreen on before they leave the house. That sunscreen should be reapplied every 90 minutes or after swimming.

Rub-in sunscreens work well, as do natural products like zinc. For young kids who prefer to do a little dance while you try to put sunscreen on them, spray options are often a much more effective choice. Just remember to rub - don't spray - when putting sunscreen on their face.


Chlorine keeps pools clean and tidy, but it's no fun if you get it in your eyes. Diving for coins or playing Marco polo just isn't any fun if you've got to keep your eyes closed the whole time though! That's why you need goggles ready to go.

Like sunglasses, goggles need to fit properly, so shop for a model designed for your child's age range. Show them how to put their goggles on so they can do it in the water without your help. After all, if the goggles are comfortable they'll stay on.


No beach day or afternoon by the pool is over until everybody is out of the water and dry. That's why you need to pack at least one towel for every swimmer in your group. Keep an additional towel or two on hand for those long days where multiple dips in the pool or the ocean require even more drying off.

You might also want a nice clean, dry towel at the end of the day too.

Wet/Dry Bag

Taking wet clothing home in the trunk or wrapped in a soaking beach towel is just not fun. With a wet/dry bag, you can put all of those damp clothes and towels in an easy to carry package that won't mess up the upholstery.

Those bags do double-duty when you're on your way to the water too since they're perfect for holding towels that haven't been used yet.

Dry Clothes

Once your goggles and towels are all put away, it's time for the last step - get the kids dry so you can get them in the car. Packing comfortable, dry clothes that are easy to slip on in any situation is a smart decision for every parent. Items like sweatpants, shorts and t-shirts, or even comfy pajama-type clothes, are all go-to options.

You might even want to pack a sweatshirt or two along with a blanket in case you're at the beach and it starts to get chilly. After a day in the water, it's easy to feel a chill on the ride home!

Basking in the sun at the beach or splashing in the pool are favorite summer activities for kids. Tag along and make sure you've got all of the accessories you and your kids need to enjoy a big day of serious fun in the sun!

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