6 Ways to Make Bath Time Fun

Bath time is essential for keeping your kids clean, happy and healthy whether they're six months or two years old. With the right ideas, you can also make bath time as much fun as playing with toys or going out for a stroll with mom and dad.

Use this guide from Pottery Barn Kids to learn six ways you can make bath time more fun for your children.

1. Add Bubbles

Bubbles are an incredibly simple way to add a little more fun to bath time and while they might be every parent's go-to, there is a very real reason for that: kids absolutely love playing with them.

Look for bubbles designed especially for kids when you do your shopping. These will be gentler and less likely to irritate your child's skin or eyes if they happen to whip some up onto their face. For even more excitement, consider scented bubble bath in kid-friendly scents like bubble gum, vanilla or chocolate.

2. Mix in Bath Salts

Bath salts are a common item in the master bathroom since they can help adults relax when they have time for a soak in the tub. It turns out that kids can enjoy bath salts too if you get scents that they like. To do this, shop for a few small jars and let them pick their favorite scents to add to the water.

You can also let your kids mix-and-match bath salts once they're in the tub. The unique texture can be a lot of fun on kids' fingers and toes while they're taking a bath. As always, look for non-toxic products when shopping for young kids to avoid eye and skin irritation.

3. Utilize Rubber Ducks and Boats

Like bubbles, rubber ducks that float around in the water and boats that your child can guide with their hands during bath time are tried-and-true favorites. They might seem simple, but sometimes that's all your child needs to enjoy bath time just a little bit more.

To make these basic toys even more fun, create games that your child can play while you bathe them. For example, seeing how many laps around the tub the boat can make, or how many bubbles a duck can eat, can give you just enough time with a happy kid to help them get clean from head to toe.

4. Feature Frozen Toys

Although rubber ducks and floating boats are standard bath time options, there are other ways to use toys in the bath. One of the best is to put small toys in ice trays and freeze them, putting them in the water right after your child gets in the tub.

That way your child can play with the cubes for a unique sensory experience and then enjoy the toys once the ice melts in the warm water.

5. Finger Paint with Shaving Cream

Kids that need an activity sometimes get bored or antsy in the tub, but that doesn't mean you need to rush the soap and shampoo to get them out. Instead, give them a fun activity that they can enjoy while they're in the bath. One of the simplest options involves something you already probably have in the bathroom: canned shaving cream.

To make an activity out of shaving cream, simply squirt a little out onto your child's hand or a flat part of the tub that's not in the water. From there, they can finger paint a picture or just enjoy the feeling of the shaving cream right on the side of the tub. If you've got a bathtub and shower combination, they can even paint right on the walls.

Snap a photo to show your child their handy work after you get out of the bath and then simply rinse the shaving cream away with water. Finger painting with shaving cream is a fun activity for your kids and washes away in seconds.

6. Listen to Music

Kids love listening to music in the car and when playing with their toys, so why not make music a part of bath time too? You can pick new music to introduce your child to, but going with an old standby you know they'll love is often a better choice.

You can also have a singalong if your child is the outgoing type. Just make sure you know the words too!

Bath time with your kids can be a ton of fun if you've got activities planned and toys and games ready to go. The more fun you have in the tub and or with any other daily chore, the stronger the bond between you and your child will be.

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