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Sending your kids off to school with a pre-packed lunch is a great way to ensure that they eat a healthy mid-day meal. Those same lunches can also be essential for weekend outings, evening sporting events away from home and action-packed beach days. Without the right containers though, you're going to have sloppy sandwiches, bruised bananas and warm water before it's time to break open the lunch bag.

Luckily for you, Pottery Barn Kids is here to help. Use this guide to learn more about our selection of smart food storage containers that keep food in tip-top shape until it's time to eat.

What Food Storage Containers Are Available?

Packing the perfect lunch means balancing healthy, nutritious items with foods your kids love to eat. With our wide range of food storage options, you can pack everything from simple sandwiches to more complex multi-course meals, fresh fruit and snacks. Here are a few popular food storage container styles you can find at Pottery Barn Kids today:

  • Sandwich containers. Classic peanut butter and jelly, go-to egg salad and all of your favorites are easy to pack with our selection of sandwich containers. Best of all, they'll still be in shape to eat whenever lunch rolls around.
  • Snack containers. Ideal for fresh fruit and snacks like crackers, our snack containers make sure your child's favorite food items don't get squashed in their backpack. Shop for small, medium or large containers. You can also find nesting snack sets that let you pack multiple snacks with ease.
  • Dual compartment food storage options. Looking for a simple option besides sandwiches? Dual compartment containers let you pack tasty meals and foods that can be mixed later like pasta or salads with dressing on the side. Of course, you can also use them for snacks and savory items like chips and dip, pita and hummus or sliced veggies with dipping sauce.
  • Bento box food storage containers. Great for meals with multiple components, bento box-style storage containers are perfect for packing protein, carbs, veggies and more. They can also be used for snacks and after school treats instead.
  • Water bottle and food storage sets. A must-have for keeping water on hand, our stylish water bottles come in myriad kid-friendly options. Look for a set designed to keep snacks, soups and more ready to eat as well.
  • Freezer packs. Keep sandwiches, drinks and perishable snacks safe to eat until lunchtime with freezer packs that fit right into your child's lunch bag. Look for fun shapes or let your child pick their favorite option. All of our freezer pack styles work well to keep food fresh and ready to enjoy.

Give your kids a healthy meal every single day with food storage containers from Pottery Barn Kids. Make sure you check out our selection of lunch bags while you're shopping.

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