Pack Your Kids Lunch Box in Style

Discover a whole new way to make packing lunches fun with a kids lunch box that puts a little pizazz into meal prep. Your kids might be more excited about the break with their friends, but having a nicely-packed lunch is the kind of thing that makes a difference in their day. With a great-looking lunch box that features their favorite color, an upbeat pattern or their name, both of you will feel like lunch is something to look forward to anticipation and cheer.

Make Lunch Exciting Every Day

Regardless of what you pack, you can add a little extra joy to their day when they have a lunch box they love and want to show off to their friends.

  • Select colorful or cute patterns, like koalas or unicorns against solid blue. Try Disney Princesses, pink glitter or gold foil butterflies, glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs or sharks.
  • Match your kids lunch box to a backpack or coordinate with water bottles, food containers and more. They'll feel stylish and pulled together from head to toe, which might even make them more likely to eat everything you packed.
  • With front zip pockets, you can slip little notes or treats into their lunch box. Whether they find them right away or not can be part of the fun.

Keeping Track of Kids Lunch Bags

Make the never-ending effort to keep track of all hats, coats, backpacks, folders, water bottles and other lifestyle accessories a little easier to manage with kids lunch bags in bright colors and patterns.

  • Choose a color or pattern for each kid and set them up with the full suite of school stuff in that palette. That way, you'll know which kid gets dark blue spaceships and which gets purple hearts.
  • Urge kids to keep an eye on their stuff and make sure it all comes home when you involve them in selecting a pattern. When it feels like theirs, they'll be interested in using it again the next day.
  • Streamline organization at home. Designate a wall cubby or shelving unit with hooks for school stuff and make sure everyone has their school bags and lunch boxes ready to go.

Features of a Great Kids Lunch Box

Shop Pottery Barn Kids for the ultimate kids lunch box. Look for a cross-body strap, a zipper pocket and zipper close, an easy-grip handle and binding that won't fray with lots of enthusiastic use. Personalize them for an extra special touch.