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  • Fairfax Striped Critters Collection

Fairfax Animal Backpacks & Totes

Are you looking for a cute backpack designed specifically with your little one in mind, or perhaps for a child-friendly tote that they can use to bring their favorite toys from place to place? Available at Pottery Barn Kids, the Fairfax Striped Critters Collection has everything your child needs to bring all of their essentials wherever they are headed. These charming backpacks and totes with critter-inspired designs are perfect for the little backs and little hands of pre-k and school-aged children.

What Products Are Included in the Fairfax Striped Critter Collection?

Fairfax Striped Critter Collection backpacks come in two different designs that both boys and girls will love. The Striped Critter Pink Daisy Backpack features pink and white stripes overlaid with an appliqué felt flower that has a fluffy pink pom pom for the flower's center. Equally as cute, the Striped Critter Navy Rainbow Backpack features blue and white stripes and a printed rainbow arching between two appliqué felt clouds. Whichever backpack they choose, your child will enjoy the feel of the fun textured designs.

Striped Critter Pink Daisy Backpack

The backpacks also come in two sizes, pre-k and small. A pre-k backpack is designed to fit children 36-42" tall and can hold about the equivalent of a change of clothes, a snack and a toy. A small backpack, designed for children 43-49" tall, can hold a lunch bag, two books and a couple of small notebooks. Small backpacks also come with an exterior side pocket for holding a water bottle.

If you're looking for a nice tote to pair with your child's new backpack, then consider getting the Pink Daisy Tote to go along with a Pink Daisy Backpack or the Navy Rainbow Tote to go along with a Navy Rainbow Backpack. Like their matching backpacks, the Pink Daisy Tote also features pink and white stripes and a flower, while the Navy Rainbow Tote features blue and white stripes with a rainbow handle.

The Striped Critters Collection also includes a Navy Blue Dino Tote which features blue and white stripes and a green dinosaur, as well as a Navy Construction Tote, which features blue and white stripes and a construction truck. Your child will be a fan of the colorful designs and textured details on any of the Striped Critter totes. The totes each come with an interior pocket to keep small loose items secure as well.

Striped Critter Navy Blue Dino Tote

Features and Benefits of the Fairfax Striped Critter Collection

Fairfax animal backpacks and totes are designed with the children who will be using them in mind, and it shows. The backpacks are made of a water-resistant, 100% cotton canvas that can be easily cleaned using a soft, damp cloth. Every style and size comes with adjustable straps and a contoured back with extra padding for a comfortable fit. Additionally, each colorful Striped Critters tote comes with a soft, thick canvas handle easy for little hands to hold and carry. They also have reinforced bottoms for added security and an environmentally friendly fabric coating that makes the totes highly water repellent. Spot cleaning can be done with a damp cloth. After cleaning, simply blot to remove any excess water and allow the tote to air dry.

Finally, there's the eye-catching and oh-so-adorable design of each product. Your child will love the bright colors and appealing design details, and they'll have a great time showing their cool new gear off to their friends. Make their backpack or tote even more special by having it personalized with their name or their initials.

When to Use Fairfax Striped Critter Collection Backpacks and Totes

Striped Critters pre-k backpacks provide ample space for everything your child might need to bring along for a day at preschool, while the small sized backpack is ideal for children who have started school. Striped Critters totes can be used if your child needs to bring along some extra materials or show-and-tell items. Aside from school, the Striped Critters backpacks and totes are perfect for all kinds of adventuring, such as weekend trips, vacations far away from home or even just a visit to the local mall. Wherever your child wishes to explore, they can bring along their very own backpack and tote to ensure that they have everything they need.

If you're shopping for a child that needs some new gear, then the Striped Critters Collection definitely deserves your consideration. The combination of stellar functionality and adorable designs will leave you wishing that the Fairfax animal backpacks and totes came in adult sizes as well!