Floor Lighting

As with any space, lighting literally transforms the look and feel of your child's bedroom and play areas. For a dramatic solution to your little one's lighting needs, try a stylish piece of kids' floor lighting from Pottery Barn Kids. Placement is key when it comes to floor lighting. Find the right corner, with the right angle, and a single floor lamp illuminates an entire bedroom easily. Thoughtful construction means things like a weighted base and a power switch on the cord makes these kids' floor lamps as safe as they are easy to use. Metallic iron and antique wood are just a few materials options from which to choose. Unique designs capture a diverse selection of styles. Stacked crystal and built-in tables showcase your child's new decor item. Revamping their space with stylish yet functional floor lighting opens the door to a whole new world of potential.


Floor lighting is best used in spaces where small children are not able to get their hands on it. Still, even the most attentive parent won't be able to keep their eyes on their children 24 hours a day. Weighted bases keep the floor light stable. Some designs feature sturdy tripod legs, reinforcing its balancing ability and avoiding potential accidents at the same time. Place a rug beneath the lamp to further stabilize it. Placement is key, get it right and a new kids' floor lamp begins to display all of its benefits. They're just as useful when used outside of their bedrooms. Set a floor lamp just beside an oversized mat in the basement or your child's playroom for a flood of light to stimulate their creative genius throughout the home.


Don't worry about the brightness of the floor lamp's glow. With a good set of blackout panel window treatments, you have control of the amount of light that goes out and when external light comes in. When placing the floor lamp, pay attention to the things around it in the room. If there are there any shelves on the wall or any pictures or art nearby, you should definitely consider the heat from the lamp's bulb and how it impacts any furniture or decor. It's also important to hang blinds, curtains or sheers with the proper window hardware. Tying the curtains back keeps them from getting tangled with the floor lamp and causing an accident.


Other lighting options are a lot less tempting to inquisitive fingers. If you're looking for a stylish space saver for your little one's room, brighten things up by incorporating a funky piece of wall lighting. From the subtle illumination of a wall sconce to the way a neon wall sign becomes a bold statement piece in your child's room, it's fun to get creative with the design of your lighting arrangement.


Maybe you prefer a more easily accessible choice. Use the bright light of the floor lamp when you want to illuminate the entire room or opt for the smaller glow of a table lamp for just the right amount of lighting exactly where you want it. When playtime ends, and it's time to wind down, a floor light is often too bright to convince your little one that it's bedtime. Instead, try a gentle nightlight to help them relax and unwind. Nightlights give off just enough light for your little one to have the confidence to sleep in their own bed. Fortunately, with a multiwatt light bulb, their floor lamp's glow is also adjustable. No matter what time of day it is, or the chosen source of lighting, it's always a warming sight to see when a parent stumbles upon their child enjoying some quiet time in the company of a bookshelf full of good books.

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