Kids’ Christmas Decor

Christmas is one of the most cherished holidays for adults and kids alike. Since it’s all about making merry and remembering the importance of love and faith, it is one of the most anticipated holidays all over the world. For kids, they will have the time of their life when you involve them in everything that you do for the yuletide festivities, right from decorating your home to cooking the Christmas dinner. If you’re looking to find merry, bright and earthy kids’ Christmas decor, then Pottery Barn Kids is your ideal choice. Enjoy taking a stroll through our winter wonderland of twinkle lights, jingle bells, Santa wreaths and more as you browse our collection of Christmas decorations especially for kids.

Whether you want to decorate your mantel with a wool garland or place a few plush toys around the Christmas tree, we are here to provide it for you. Make this holiday even more special for your kids by choosing from our selection of Christmas stockings and personalizing each one for them. Can you imagine how their faces will light up when they see their very own stocking filled with Christmas day goodies? When you do this, get ready for lots of hugs and kisses. Isn’t this is what Christmas is all about – spreading the cheer? You can also choose to personalize a decorative tree skirt in Christmas colors, complete with your family’s name. We promise to help you out when you are running out of ideas for stocking stuffers, too.

If decorating the shelves in the kids bedroom is your goal, we offer you everything from a snow globe and wooden plaques to felt trees and reindeer plush toys. Make the kids feel more involved by asking them for opinions when you are decorating their rooms. Sometimes, they have some brilliant ideas that you might not have thought of. Go a step further and use our Christmas inspired bedding to give their bedroom a complete holiday look.

The countdown to Christmas is something that excites all kids. Place an Advent calendar in their room and see the joy clearly reflected in their faces. If you want to make Christmas even more fun for your kids, help them make original Christmas ornaments. There are several simple ways to make different ornaments, as well as lasting memories, with easy-to-follow instructions available online. Make your kids feel accomplished by proudly displaying their creations on your Christmas tree.

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree can be traced back to the 16th century, when Christians in Germany brought decorated trees home during this festive season. Today, it has become a tradition where the whole family comes together to decorate the Christmas tree. Take advantage of our variety of Christmas garlands and ornaments and choose those that meet your fancy. What’s more, asking your kids to help you decorate the tree with these trimmings is guaranteed to be a fun experience. The Christmas tree topper is an essential decoration that puts the finishing touch on the family Christmas tree. Pick your kid up and ask them to place the topper on the tree – it’s a memory they’ll never forget.

Even though the song “Jingle Bells” was not originally intended for Christmas, it has become one of the most popular songs of the season. So much so, that the bells are often included on Christmas greeting cards, and sometimes even on the wreaths. Incorporate these in your Christmas decor by using them as ornaments, by placing them on the living room mantel, or interspersed on shelves, tables and dressers throughout the house.