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Christmas Tabletop

Bring the festive cheer to the dining table with Pottery Barn Kidʼs selection of Christmas dinnerware. From place mats, tables to cups, we have Christmas dinnerware for kids that are sure to delight the entire family. Bring the holiday dinnerware out just for the Christmas dinner, or use them for the month of December up until the big day. Add chair backers for a playful touch in the dining room. For households with multiple children, get the chair backers personalized for a special touch. These are especially a great idea for the kidʼs table during holidayʼs dinners. We also have Christmas-themed cookie jars for the dining room table or the kitchen counter, which are great to use to fill with holiday cookies. Decorate the dining room further with some of our Christmas decor. Install our garlands on the walls or place small felt trees on shelving. As well, bring the festive mood into the rest of the house with our plush decor items, which includes plush Santas, animals and snowmen. These look great next to fireplaces, beside Christmas trees and in entryways. They are also great as toys for young children.


For the living room, grab a Christmas stocking for each member of the family. We offer a wide range of stockings from knit and wool to faux fur stockings. Get them personalized with the family membersʼ names, and watch the childrenʼs excitement build for Christmas Day as their stocking gets filled as Christmas nears. Grab a matching set for the family or allow everyone to choose a style that best appeals to them. Regardless of which stockings are chosen to decorate the mantel, they are going to be used annually for many years to come and are a great investment. To complete the stocking experience, look at our stocking stuffers. For the newborn babies, select rattle and blanket sets. Toddlers usually delight in puzzles and toys, whereas older children are likely to appreciate a watch or iPad case. Whatever the childʼs age and tastes, we have an ideal gift.


Continue the Christmas cheer into the childrensʼ bedrooms with our selection of holiday bedding. These feature fun Christmas designs, such as Santa Claus and reindeer. We also have other designs inspired by winter, such as penguin and bear sheet sets. In particular, flannel sheets offer extra warmth in the cold months for added comfort. Start the winter months with a Christmas-themed sheet and, after the holidays end, switch to a neutral winter design.


Perhaps one of the most exciting parts about Christmas is the anticipation and excitement that builds throughout the month of December. Cherish these moments by hanging one of our Advent calendars on the wall. Place these somewhere to be enjoyed daily by the family, such as the living room, dining room or the childrensʼ bedrooms. We have traditional Advent calendars for those looking for something classic or fun options like a plush Santa Advent calendar. Whatever the choice may be, counting down the days to Santaʼs visit is always exciting for many children.


Make Christmas Day extra special with our selection of Santa bags. These may be personalized with the childʼs name and is a creative way to give gifts. For many children, it is a thrill for children to imagine that Santa left them a mysterious bag full of toys, and they serve as great decorative pieces. Better yet, there is a good chance that Santa stops by on Christmas Day to give the toys to the kids personally. However the family decides to use these bags, they are sure to be useful and playful. After the holidays end, use the bags to store holiday items, or simply fold them and put into storage bins until the following year.