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Bassinet Bedding

Your baby deserves to be surrounded by softness and innocent beauty, and bassinet bedding from Pottery Barn Kids can help you create that type of enchanting effect. Choose ruffled, lacy or classically styled bedding in delicate, soothing colors that are perfect for baby girls or boys to complement the decor of your nursery or any room you choose as a place to set up the bassinet. Browse through our offerings of bumpers, fitted sheets and skirts to find the perfect baby bedding for your bundle of joy. It's made from your favorite easy-care natural fibers, including flax linen, cotton percale, organic cotton voile, cotton velvet and sateen.


When you surround your baby with softness, it helps you feel good about the nurturing experience you are providing for your little one. Running your hand across our velvet bedding and baby blankets lets you enjoy a smooth, plush feeling in your fingertips, and it makes a welcoming spot for your baby to sleep. Our cotton velvet pieces include a skirt and a bumper pad that ties securely outside the bassinet. When soiled, cleanup is simple. Just toss the bedding in the washer and run it on the gentle setting using warm water. Then, run it through the dryer on low heat; if the velvet bedding wrinkles, you can press it with a warm iron.


Linen bumpers and skirts bring a crisp style to the room, and the muted, neutral colors provide an elegant touch that looks as nice beside your living room or den drapes as it does in the nursery beside a changing table. Wash linen items in cold water on your machine's gentle cycle, and then tumble them dry on low. Avoid wrinkles by pulling them out of the dryer as soon as it stops; if you get a few creases in the fabric, you can quickly press them out with gentle heat.


If you prefer the pristine white of organic cotton, our bassinet skirts come in floaty ruffled styles or deep, sharp Roman pleats. Choose ruffly curtains that match the bedding or matching Roman shades to keep the light out of the room during naptime and to create a themed room. Enjoy the ease of maintaining the cotton fabric used to make these bedding pieces. Throw them in the washing machine with your other linens and wash them on the gentle cycle before drying on low heat for the best results.


Cradle your baby with the extreme softness of our fitted cotton sheets. These sheets have elasticized edges that are designed for your baby's safety, and they slide onto the bassinet mattress for a snug, wrinkle-free fit. Made from plush sateen and thick, touchable percale, our cotton nursery bedding is easy to use and to keep clean. We recommend you wash sheets before using them the first time. If you need to use bleach, use the non chlorine kind. Use warm water, delicate detergent and the gentle cycle on your washing machine, and then dry the sheets on the low heat setting of your dryer.


Welcome your baby to your eco-friendly lifestyle with organic cotton fitted sheets. These sheets attach to the mattress with no wrinkles because of the elastic ends and provide your little one with a safe, healthy sleep experience. Choose sheets with prints and colors that match your nursery walls, upholstered seating or that match and bring out the details in the decor pieces you choose for the nursery. We understand that babies make messes sometimes, so our organic baby bedding is designed for easy cleanup. We also understand how important it is for babies to remain comfortable, and our bedding helps them do exactly that.

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