Bath Toys

There are many ways to suitably prepare for baby’s first bath. You want a have a selection of soaps and shampoos that are gentle enough for your baby’s soft skin and won’t burn his or her eyes. Another essential is a hooded wrap that helps keep your baby warm after a dip in the infant tub. While you won’t need a large amount of toys for your baby’s few months of life, one of the must-have items for happy bath times for little children is a fun selection of bath toys. Toys are one of the best ways to keep bath time fun. Some children might easily take to baths from infancy, and with others, it might take a little coaxing to get them comfortable once they make that big leap to the big tub. At Pottery Barn Kids we suggest a variety of different bath toys and accessories that can help keep baby relaxed – and parents too – for bath time that’s wet, wild and playful.

Whether you’re one or 101, everyone needs a rubber ducky. Because they’re so much fun, it makes sense to consider a whole set of large and small rubber duckies. Ideal for both the bath and the pool, a rubber ducky set allows you to stack them, watch them float or simply have fun with them. With safety always in mind, our rubber ducks are Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act-certified as well as Bisphenol A (BPA)-, phthalate-, and lead-free. The quality construction of the duckies ensures they’ll hold up against rigorous play and are not harmful to your child.

In addition to a rubber ducky, your child may enjoy some other animal-themed squirters for the bath. Choose from different themes, such as jungle friends or ballet friends, to suit your child’s tastes. These bath toys feature the same safety measures and construction as the rubber ducks and are also well made and suitable for both pool and bath. Use them to squirt each other with water or simply watch them float as these sets promote imaginative and pretend play while in the bathtub.

Additional terrific ideas for the bath are sea- and beach-themed toys. Procure a love of boats by showing your child how a boat floats with a ship toy for the bathtub, or teach them about marine life with a whale or seal floating toy. Submarines or light-up boats are also fun ideas. Also made with the highest safety regulations in mind, boats, ships and subs add some zip to bath playtime.

If you have a child who’s just cutting a first tooth or who is getting molars, there are a few different types of teethers that you can try. Safe for the bath, these teethers have a natural latex construction and are BPA-, PVC-, phthalate-, and nitrosamine-free. They are also antibacterial and easy to clean, so as your child is preparing for feeding by cutting that first tooth, you can be assured of the safety. Choose from fun animal shapes that baby likes to play with to help promote teething usage.

When it comes time to rinse your child off when bath time is over, choose from a variety of different bath scoops to help make rinsing a little easier. Available in several colors to easily complement your bathroom decor, these items help take some of the stress out of rinsing. Your bath spout may also jut out a bit, which is a safety hazard for a young child or toddler. Consider a bath spout cover. Not only does this promote safety by softening the spout, but you can also choose from fun motifs, such as a whale, to match other toys in your tub and keep bath time joyful. When it’s time to pack the toys away at the end of the bath, consider a stretchy neoprene and mesh bath toy organizer. Not only is this machine-washable to help prevent mold and mildew, but it’s also a safe and handy way to keep wet bath toys out of the way between baths.