Bath Towels

The bathroom plays an important part in the lives of kids and adults alike. It contains a lot of fond memories for moms and dads: the times you spend giving your child a bath or when you comb his or her hair in the mirror before sending them off to their first day at school. As a parent, you also do your best to teach your children good habits like washing their hands before eating, brushing their teeth regularly and scrubbing behind their ears. That shows how much you love them. At Pottery Barn Kids, we want your kids to be happy and healthy too. Our bathroom collection, with items ranging from shower curtains to soft bath towels, helps children to enjoy being in the bathroom.

How can you make bath time even more fun for kids? Well, that depends on what your children like to do. You know what makes them tick better than anyone. Creating a relaxed ambience is nice because kids feel comfortable being in the tub. The more positive moments they have, the more they look forward to bath time.

It’s no surprise that floating toys are popular with kids. They let children exercise their imagination and come up with awesome stories involving sea monsters, adventurous sailors, people in distress and tons of heroic rescues on their part. Other popular activities that let children play as they soak include expressing their artistic side with watercolor paints, tinting their bathwater with food coloring, or making a bubble bath.

All of these activities, even drying your kids off afterward, strengthen the bonds between you. The way you hug them, wrap them up snugly and carry them in your arms all make children feel safe and loved. In return, your kids reward you with a beaming smile and that precious “I love you” that fills your heart with happiness. These special moments together are also healthy for children in a literal sense: they reduce stress, help them to sleep more soundly and improve their immune system.

What should you look for in a bath towel for kids? One characteristic that babies, toddlers and school-age children all appreciate is softness. Luxurious towels are a treat for kids’ delicate skin. The higher the gram weight of the towel - 500-650 gram weight is extremely plush - the softer the towel. It dries them off and warms them up quickly. Of course, every child is different, so go with the towels that you feel meet the needs of your family the best. Our chemical-free cotton towels are safe for babies and kids of all ages.

For excitement, another thing children love is color. Bold tones, crazy contrasts and energetic motifs all get a big yes from them. There are tons of different colors to choose from, so it’s not hard to find your child’s favorites. Bright red, blue, pink, lavender and green have the power to transport them to another part of the planet, such as a beach or jungle, or to another universe altogether. You can even create a theme bathroom for kids with decorations that revolve around the ocean, underwater exploration or a palace worthy of a princess.

What’s the difference between bath towels and beach towels? There are some significant differences, but both are ideal for drying kids off at home. If there’s a particular design you love for your son or daughter, don’t hesitate to get it. Bath towels are generally more absorbent that beach towels. Beach towels typically weigh less, are still very soft and dry faster.

When can kids start to take baths on their own? Well, that varies from child to child. Some kids pick up the basics very early, and others are too busy having fun to notice. You’re in the best position to judge when your kids are ready. Some experts recommend waiting until the age of 8 for safety. At any rate, teaching children how to scrub themselves, wash their hair and take a shower are a gradual process that you can start whenever you want. It makes kids feel proud of growing up and is a delight for parents to remember.

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