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Seeing the world and all that it offers is important for children at even the earliest stages of life. Strapping your child into a safe and comfortable stroller and heading out to discover the world around you offers important benefits for your baby’s start in life and priceless memories for you. Available in different sizes and styles, strollers are designed to deliver convenience. From storage compartments to multiple seats, we have the strollers to give you and your child freedom, all available at Pottery Barn Kids.

Keeping your baby entertained throughout your entire stroll is as easy as attaching teethers and mobile toys to the stroller. Musical plush toys that connect to stroller handles with Velcro fasteners play lullaby tunes and introduce your child to the world of music in a calm and soothing way. Teething is a painful experience that puts a damper on you and your baby’s fun time outdoors. Offering your child a plush or rubberized teething toy when on the go delivers some much-appreciated relief for your baby. These toys are made from materials that are machine-washable and dishwasher-safe.

Staying hydrated is important when out and about too. Having your child’s favorite beverages on hand is easy with insulated drink containers. These containers are available in colorful designs and sizes. Keeping the intended temperatures of your child’s drink at a consistent level is both refreshing and safer for consumption. Strollers that are designed with trays and cup holders provide the ideal space for holding you and your child’s insulated drink containers securely while traveling along.

Even when away from home your child has specific needs that must be attended to. Having your baby care essentials close at hand is easy with stroller organizers. These specially made pouches attach to your child’s stroller and offer pockets for storing those items that you can’t leave home without. Stroller organizers with deep pockets give you room for storing water bottles, snack containers and that special thumbie blanket your child doesn’t want to leave behind. With the designs and color options available, you’re able to mix and match these organizers to complement diaper bags and totes that you use for larger baby care items.

While canopied strollers work well for keeping the sunburns at bay, having extra baby blankets is always a good idea. Lightweight baby blankets give your child access to the fresh air while blocking out light breezes and the sun’s direct rays. Heavier blankets are ideal for colder weather that creeps up in the fall and spring. Strollers that have bottom or rear storage compartments provide the ideal place for storing the baby blankets when not in use.

Whether traveling to the park or spending the day at the beach, there are plenty of accessories that work well with your baby’s stroller to enjoy the entire day in style. Attaching handy beach totes to the handles or undercarriage of the stroller frees up your arms and makes your quality time with your child more enjoyable. Enjoying your favorite picnic lunch or snacks while relaxing on your outing is both safe and memorable when using freezer packs to keep the food’s temperature within a safe range. These freezer packs are available in designs that will delight both you and your child, and the durable materials they are made of are free of BPA and phosphate chemicals.

Having the right gear on hand ensures that you and your child are ready for any adventure that presents itself outdoors. Knowing that the stroller and stroller accessories that you have available are safe and ready to go when you are is a comfort any parent can appreciate. With products including insulated beverage and snack cups, freezer packs and totes that are washable between uses, seeing all the world has to show is always a pleasure-filled stroll you never have to miss out on.

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