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Stroller Accessories

Strolling along in style and comfort depends on your ability to have all essentials necessary for your baby’s care close at hand. Choosing the appropriate stroller accessories ensures that you are always prepared when out and about. Whether running errands with baby in tow or spending the day at the beach, at Pottery Barn Kids we have everything you need to dress your child’s stroller for the adventure awaiting discovery.

Leave your diaper bags and tote at home to keep things simple when stepping out for some fresh air. A stroller organizer provides plenty of fitted pockets to hold your child’s drink, a small snack, baby blanket and other small baby care essentials you need for a small stroll. Stroller organizers fit securely on stroller handles to give you easy access when your child wants those warm fuzzy toys or secure blankets within a second’s notice. There’s no fumbling or frustration, giving you and your child positive memories and relaxed enjoyment that you are hoping to capture.

Grumbly tummies can put a real damper on the happy moments spent out walking with your baby. Keep the hunger away with individualized snack containers. These small food storage containers are ideal for bringing along your child’s favorite finger-sized snacks. The containers fit well in diaper bags, totes and stroller organizer pockets for easy retrieval. Made with durable materials, these snack containers hold up to anything your child puts them through. Being dishwasher safe, you’re able to wash and sanitize the containers between uses easily.

Planning longer outings is never an issue with insulated water bottles and thermal food containers. Staying hydrated keeps you and your child comfortable throughout your daily activities. As stroller accessories, the water bottles and thermal food containers store well and are built to handle even the most rugged conditions experienced. Even rough tumbles and throws will not damage the contents that are stored inside. The thermal design that the containers are built with keeps hot foods and beverages hot while ensuring cold drinks stay chilled. Preserving the temperature preserves the taste, keeping both you and your baby happy the whole stroll through.

Baby blankets are a universal stroller accessory that make your life more convenient while providing your child with unlimited comfort and amenities. Draping lightweight baby blankets over the stroller blocks out harmful rays from the sun. This protects your child from sunburns and heat exposure that make the child uncomfortable and can even lead to injuries. Heavier blankets that feature a thermal design or are lined with faux fur and Sherpa are ideal for having on hand in colder weather seasons. Recline the stroller seat and give your baby the blanket that allows for resting sleepy eyes while away from home.

Spending the day at the park or relaxing on the beach is healthy for you and your child. Many parents opt out of these experiences because of the hassles that are encountered with preparations. Having the right stroller outfitted with proper accessories eliminates the unwanted stresses. Selecting beach gear crafted with you in mind minimizes the time needed for the trip. Picnic totes, wet and dry pouches and even sunglasses fit securely in the bottom and back compartments of certain model strollers. These totes and beach gear accessories offer a safe place for storing food, extra clothing, outdoor toys and other baby care necessities.

Many mobile toys are easily accommodated by the stroller. Plush musical toys with Velcro fasteners attach to the stroller handles or tray giving your child a calming introduction to the world of music. The soft lullaby tones that the musical plush toys produce are soothing and create a relaxed travel atmosphere wherever your stroller travels. Teething toys and portable mobiles fit securely on stroller trays or within organizer pouches to keep baby calm and amused when on the move. All accessories you choose for your child’s stroller should be selected with the child’s age and development in mind to ensure safety.

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