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Types of Stroller Accessories & Attachments

Parents of babies and toddlers have a million things to juggle at any one moment. When it's time to go out, your baby stroller is the first order of business that you need to get right. Once that decision's been made, stroller accessories and attachments are key to ensuring you're prepared for any eventuality as you travel along. Make sure you have everything you need to dress your child's stroller in case your child is hungry, thirsty, bored, cold, or desires some happy music. Keep all these items organized in a tote bag.

Types of stroller attachments

First things first. Let's help you get organized with a baby diaper bag or stroller organizer. These all-in-one totes are ingeniously designed with adjustable straps to fit most stroller bars and handles, with plenty of fitted pockets to hold diapers, toys, blankets and other necessities. There's no fumbling when you want to get a hold of something quickly. Many are equipped with insulated drink holders that fit most cup sizes to keep your drinks at just the right temperature. Plus, the bags are made of durable, water-resistant fabrics that are machine washable for easy-care. And you can't beat the convenient headphone ports for hands-free calls!

Concerned that your stroller attachments won't work in your car? Don't be. State-of-the-art, innovative car seat/stroller packages provide a fully integrated system. Whether in two parts or in an all-in-one design, these seat/stroller combinations work fine whether cruising in your car or walking around the block. Thick, protective padding ensures your child is comfortable, and the seat transforms into a full stroller without having to purchase extra parts. The lightweight designs fold down for easy storage. Adjustable handles offer snug fitting, and double walls ensure higher side-impact protection. Also, they're all equipped with straps, clips, and pockets to house all of your handy stroller accessories.

Types of stroller accessories and their uses

We can predict many things, but even the most organized parent doesn't know when their little one will suddenly get hungry or thirsty. When you're out and about and you hear that tummy rumble and grumble, be prepared with snack containers. Plastic and metal containers accommodate all your child's favorite, finger-sized snacks, from chopped up cucumbers, to tasty bananas and strawberries, to their favorite vanilla pudding. In many shapes and sizes, they fit well into diaper bags, totes, and your stroller's organizer pockets so you can reach them quickly and easily.

If you're on a longer trip, insulated water bottles and thermal food containers are just the ticket to keeping your child hydrated and happy. These stroller accessories are made to handle rough tumbles and misadventures (did someone just knock over their stroller?) without damaging the contents stored inside. The thermal material keeps hot food and beverages hot while ensuring cold drinks stay chilled.

Peacocks, lions, polar bears, stars, stripes, and flowers oh my! Wrap your little one in their favorite baby blanket and keep them snuggled and safe when they're on the go. Blankets are a universal stroller accessory: on warm days, swaddle your baby in a lightweight blanket to block out harmful rays, offering protection from sunburns and heat exposure. When colder weather arrives, choose heavier blankets lined with cozy faux fur or a thermal design to keep your child comfortable and toasty. Put the stroller seat into recline mode, and watch your baby rest their little eyes and fall softly asleep on the way home.

Let's talk about toys! We've got your stroller covered in specially designed musical plush toys and clips that sit on the stroller like a welcome friend. Choose oh-so-soft Bunny, Bear, Lion, and Lamb on-the-go musical toys to lull your child to sleep with soothing sounds. Velcro fasteners attach to the handles or tray, with lullaby tones to relax your little one wherever your stroller travels.

Perch animal stroller clips onto your stroller and entertain your little bundle during short or long outdoor jaunts. There are llamas that rattle, monkeys that squeak, and elephants that chime! Each clip comes with a star mirror attachment, offering a bit of reflective surprise. These clever clips are not only fun, but educational, too: they help develop your baby's sense of color, touch, and sound recognition.

Colorful teethers and portable mobiles that fit securely on stroller trays or organizer pouches are also great for keeping babies calm and amused when they're on the move.

At Pottery Barn Kids, we want to make your parenting life easier. Quality stroller accessories help get you supremely organized for stress-free parent-and-child playtime. Take your baby on the go with confidence, knowing you're well-equipped with everything you need.

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