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Skip Hop Diaper Bags & Toys

Moms and dads live an active life. Having a child fills you with happiness and excitement. Your kids become the center of your universe and helping them grow up safe and healthy your new purpose in life. However, that doesn’t change your personality. In fact, just the opposite: babies learn from you and usually adopt your sense of humor, style and other things that make you unique. In other words, even if you’re a busy parent who balances childcare and work, you can still get your groove thing on. At Pottery Barn Kids, we want to help you put your spin on your daily routine. That’s the idea behind our Skip Hop diaper bags and toys: no matter what you do for your family, have a lot of fun at the same time.

Fashion is important. Not Paris fashion, of course. You don’t need to feel obligated to dress like a runway model when you head out of the house. However, your signature style is important. Why? For one thing, it affects your mood. When you wear something exciting, it makes you feel more energetic throughout the day. When you look in the mirror and give yourself a little growl, it fills you with confidence and a positive attitude, which helps you enjoy trips out with your baby even more.

What if you feel like you don’t have time to concentrate on dressing up at the moment? That’s understandable. After all, you’re doing an awesome job of being a mom or dad, and that’s what’s most important. Fortunately, fashion doesn’t have to take much time. One suggestion from other parents is to choose clothes in solid colors. They look amazing and are a snap to combine and put on. A floor length mirror also helps you get dressed in no time.

No matter what, follow your sense of style. Shop where you want, and use what you like. Hold your head up and give any outfit major swagger. That principle applies to our Skip Hop diaper bags too. On the one hand, you probably want something practical, with plenty of space for baby supplies. Diaper bags can still be fashion accessories as well. There’s nothing wrong with picking out a diaper bag or tote because you love the color or because it has a pattern that goes with your favorite outfit.

What kind of things can you fit in a diaper bag? There are tons of possibilities, but your packing list probably depends on the activities you have planned for the day. The important thing is to be equipped with things that make your trip easier. A backpack doubles well as a diaper bag if you want some extra back support for carrying. Plus it keeps your hands free to hold your baby.

A supersoft blanket is terrific because it keeps your baby warm if it gets cold, helps you rock them asleep and works as an impromptu mattress if you need to lay them down somewhere. Diapers and a portable changing pad – most roll or fold up neatly, so they don’t take much space – also fit comfortably. Other useful items are a burp cloth, teething toys and your baby’s favorite plush toy. Some moms and dads like to bring along an extra change of clothes, which also fits, but that depends on your personal preferences.

For longer trips out and about, you might want to bring along some sunscreen for your baby, as well as a hat. Formula and bottles let you mix on the go if your newborn gets hungry. It’s not a bad idea to take a few things for yourself too, especially if you plan on waiting somewhere for a while. Snacks, plenty of water, a phone or tablet, a novel and sunglasses for you are a few possibilities. Stroller organizers hold the same things when you take your baby for a ride.

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