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Medela Breast Pumps and Accessories

Breast milk has many health benefits for your baby including providing antibodies to help ward off germs. Breastfeeding and breast pumping allow your baby to grow healthy, building a strong immune system. Medela has been making high quality breast pumps for more than 50 years. Founded in Zug, Switzerland in 1961, it now serves 90 countries globally and is an industry leader. Medela is also a primary breast pump supplier to U.S. healthcare facilities. Its double electric deluxe kit is all-inclusive with the pump, a rechargeable battery, AC adapter and charger, tubing, breastshields, bottles and a cooler system. A convenient carrying bag makes it easy to grab and go. The manual breast pump is lightweight and ideal for occasional times away from your baby. Keep a ready supply of extra baby bottles to store the breast milk safely.

A nursing pillow fits around your waist to keep you and your baby comfortable during breastfeeding. The pillow can transfer to helping your baby sit up when the time comes. Removable covers come in lots of different patterns and covers. They are machine washable too, to make things that much easier on you. Monogram options are available to personalize the pillow, which makes a great baby shower gift.

To make homemade baby food when it’s time to supplement breastfeeding, a specially-designed cooker makes the whole process very simple. Blend, puree and steam vegetables and fruit to ensure the food is healthy and without additives. The cooker does it all in one place. Mashed sweet potatoes, steamed green beans and pureed carrots are delicious dishes to serve your baby, and you can take pride and comfort in knowing you did the cooking yourself. By making your own baby food you can monitor the vitamin benefits and adhere to any dietary needs or restrictions. With trial and error, you will figure out what your baby likes best as little taste buds try the different concoctions. You can save time during the work week by cooking up a big batch of baby food one afternoon to create a week’s worth of meals. Just reach into the fridge and your baby’s meal is already prepared.

Adjustable high chairs are great for mealtime. A high chair is also a good place for playing with toys and coloring. The seat can be adjusted as your child grows. Removable trays and seats that wipe up easily make clean-up a breeze.

Stainless-steel and other food storage containers are perfect for storing batches of food. BPA-free lids are flat to allow stacking in the fridge. The containers are reusable and dishwasher safe. Stock up on various sizes for different quantities of food.

Insulated lunch bags keep the baby food fresh and cold. Use them for day care, car trips and visits to see the grandparents. The lunch bags are reusable and easy to wipe up for cleaning. We have lots of cool designs at Pottery Barn Kids that children love. Animal prints include zebras, horses, unicorns and butterflies. Others have solar system patterns, glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs and soccer balls. Most can be monogrammed. Handles or shoulder straps make them easy to carry.

For bigger trips or visits, backpacks are optimal to keep everything in its place. Coordinating backpacks match the lunch bags. Fill backpacks with clothing, toiletries, toys and books. Once your children are old enough, they can carry their belongings in their own backpack. Backpacks will be with them as they head off to school, go to a sleepover or hang out at camp. Monogram them to ensure no one walks off or leaves camp with the wrong backpack. At home, hang them on a hook in the laundry room or store them in a closet until next time.