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Inglesina Strollers & High Chairs

Keeping your baby’s comfort, safety and style in mind, Inglesina strollers & high chairs are designed to provide comfort to your child and complement your active lifestyle. All products from this Italian manufacturer are durable and made with quality materials, ensuring they’ll be good for years to come.

On the Move with Inglesina Strollers

At Pottery Barn Kids, we consider strollers to be one of the most important of your baby’s accessories. So with all these products to choose from, decide what your child needs and how that fits your lifestyle.

Classic upright strollers are ideal for taking on walks, rain or shine. Made of waterproof materials and with a sunshade to keep the sun’s strong rays off of baby’s face, they provide comfort and protection in all weather conditions. Just make sure to wear your own sun protection as you and your baby enjoy the fresh air. One type of stroller add-on is the bassinet. This type of cradle features a longer design and lets babies lie down as you run errands or travel through the terminal. A bassinet add-on might add a little weight to the stroller, but it’ll be just as maneuverable as usual. These add-ons come in various colors to match a stroller’s original frame.

Many strollers have features that add to your baby’s comfort, but their designs also cater to the needs of parents. For example, Inglesina strollers are often lightweight and fold easily for quick storage. Once folded, some also feature shoulder straps, adding to their mobility. Most weigh over 10 pounds, so keep this in mind if you need to carry one a long distance. In some cases, you’ll also find soft, ergonomic handles that allow for comfortable maneuvering.

Most models also have a storage basket, which is a useful feature for parents who like to keep a baby’s items, such as bottles or stuffed animals, organized and within easy reach. Depending on the basket’s carrying capacity, you might be able to slip a few of your own personal items in there as well.

When it’s time to wash and dry these strollers, be sure to follow the product care instructions. This will ensure your stroller serves you and your baby for as long as you need it. Usually the lining, hood and other fabric parts are machine washable, but the frame can be wiped down with a damp cloth. While your stroller components are air drying, it’s time to set up the Inglesina high chair for meal time.

High Chairs for Meal Time Convenience

Meal time is also important for growing babies, making high chairs another must-have item. High chairs feature an upright backrest, which may even come with straps to hold the child snugly in place. Most are height adjustable and can also recline, so your baby is comfortable throughout the meal. This might even help calm a fussy eater.

Detachable serving trays allow for easy serving as well as a quick cleanup. Simply stick the tray in the dishwasher once your baby is done with dinner. While high chairs are not intended to be stroller substitutes, some do feature wheels that allow you to conveniently move them around the home. Guide them from the living room to the kitchen and back again with little effort. A compact design also helps as you move the high chair around a small kitchen space with little fuss.

Available in many colors, including red and green, high chairs are designed to make snack and meal time fun and enjoyable for both you and your baby.

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