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Ergobaby Baby Carriers

Using a baby carrier is one of the most convenient ways to stay mobile while your baby is still an infant. However, having a baby carrier goes well beyond that, fostering many individual sessions of bonding with your child. One of the best things about baby carriers is that both moms and dads can wear them comfortably, having special time with baby while remaining hands-free. Recipients of many awards, including “Best Carrier” awards from notable sites such as BabyCenter, The Bump and Cribsie, an Ergobaby baby carrier goes well beyond being just a standard baby carrier that holds your child. And at Pottery Barn Kids, our intent is to provide the best and safest baby gear possible for your growing infant.

The first 12 months are often the hardest on parents, but those months are the most critical for a growing baby. Pediatricians and experts routinely recommend “tummy time” to help bond with baby, and also to help them use their growing muscles. Putting baby in a baby carrier is very similar to tummy time; you’re simply just in a more vertical position. Your infant feels the closeness of his or her mother for nine months, and now he or she can feel safe and warm swaddled in a baby carrier right next to you. Additionally, this is a great time for dad to begin bonding with baby as well. Of course, dads can certainly participate in tummy time also, but having a carrier gives that extra-special closeness and warmth.

One of the biggest benefits off Ergobaby carriers is the ability to breastfeed while your child is in the carrier. With standard carriers, you must first detach the straps and take baby out, take the carrier off and then breastfeed. With an Ergobaby, it only requires a simple change in position and you can nurse discreetly and comfortably. Easy to use and position, you can also use the Ergobaby if you are expecting but are still carrying an older infant.

Babywearing is thought to promote early language development. A child that is read to and spoke to often has a better chance of acquiring more language skills. When you babywear, it’s only natural to converse and talk more with your child, as baby is right in front of you.

There are many benefits to the Ergobaby 360 carrier in particular. One of the main benefits is in the title: 360. This stands for 360 degrees, allowing you to position baby in one of four different ways. Not only does this help baby (and mom/dad) be more comfortable, this also allows you to use the carrier as baby grows into toddlerhood. Carry baby while you’re at the beach, walking in the park or browsing through the grocery store. You can even carry baby while eating out at a restaurant. This carrier provides extra head and neck support for newborns and young infants, which can be removed after baby can hold his or her head up. Additionally, there is an infant insert (sold separately) that provides the ultimate in comfort and support. Made of 100-percent cotton and completely machine washable, the carrier is easy to clean, store and maintain, as accidents do happen. For older infants, you can simply remove the infant insert, and then you can wear baby until they reach the weight limit of 25 pounds.

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