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Doona Car Seats

Before you’re able to take your baby home from the hospital, you’ll need to have a car seat successfully installed in your car. It’s become routine for hospitals and birth centers to double check the seat and the installation, ensuring that baby is safe for the first introduction to the outside world. There are many car seats to choose from, and the selection may feel a little overwhelming at first. Innovative and convenient, Doona car seats and travel systems have been revolutionizing the way parents travel with their children, from that very first ride home. At Pottery Barn Kids, we want to offer the most helpful baby gear possible so that parenting starts off as a seamless and fun journey.

As you begin to select a car seat, think about how you’ll be traveling with your baby. Think of all the places you already love to go with your spouse. This could be walks in the park, day trips to the beach, sightseeing and many other kinds of travel. Soon, you’ll have another member of the family to travel with, and you'll want things to go as easily as possible. Before Doona seats, parents had to purchase a car seat and a stroller separately. Babies tend to sleep a lot, so one of the drawbacks of this was arriving at a destination and having to wake up a sleeping baby to transfer him or her to a stroller. Unstrapping from a five-point restraint and re-strapping into another one can be tiresome and troublesome. Parents soon began to use travel systems. These systems involved installing a car seat base into the car, in which the car seat clicks into. When you arrive at your destination, you remove the seat and click it into a base that’s meant to be used as a stroller.

The Doona seat requires no extra attachments or equipment—your car seat is already your stroller at all times. There are no extra strollers or stroller accessories to buy. Doona works with one base that's firmly installed into the backseat of your car. You can easily buckle and bundle baby indoors, and take him or her outside, clicking securely into the car seat base. When you’ve arrived at your destination, you simply detach the seat from the base and extend the attached wheels into the stroller position. With this setup, there’s no extra clicking, strapping or unstrapping. If your baby is asleep, he or she can easily stay asleep through this process.

There are also many different types of accessories that work well with the Doona. Sold separately, these items turn your stroller into a walking travel center. Look for snap-on storage that attaches easily to the back of the stroller once it’s in position. This allows you to take baby hiking, or for longer walks. Stock this storage with needed accessories, such as diapers, wipes, travel changing pads, snacks and bottles. You can also add a sunshade extension on the Doona. Use this shade whether the Doona is in the car seat position or the stroller position. The extra coverage keeps sun (or wind and rain) out of baby’s eyes and face. Doona also manufactures and sells extra bases. This can be a lifesaver, especially if baby routinely gets into multiple cars. For instance, you’ll always use the same Doona seat and stroller combo, but an extra base allows you to snap baby into your spouse’s car, or have baby ride with a grandparent.

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