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What Is a Boppy?

A Boppy® is a U-shaped pillow that’s designed for a mom to use for support during breastfeeding. The pillow basically fits around the mom’s waist and the baby lies across the comfortable pillow that elevates it to an ideal breastfeeding level. It’s a coveted baby shower gift to give or receive. Once the baby is nursing on the pillow, a soft blanket is a terrific way to swaddle for added comfort while nursing. Mom and baby both stay warm and cozy.

What are the Benefits of Using a Boppy

The benefits of using a Boppy are pretty significant. By raising the position of the baby just a little bit with the pillow, there’s little to no strain for the mom having to bend forward while nursing. This reduces mom’s neck, shoulder or back strain. It also makes it easier for the baby to nurse with ease so that, after feeding time ends, he or she might doze off contentedly into a milk coma as they say. Once nursing is finished, the sweet angel can be placed in their crib and mom can tiptoe out of the room to grab a nap or a good night’s sleep. By leaving a nightlight on for the next feeding or a diaper change, there will be less disruption. Keeping the Boppy near the nursing chair or diaper changing area will ensure it’s right where it’s needed without having to search in the dark for the pillow or for lighting.

Materials and Details to Consider

Whether you’re getting the Boppy for yourself to use or to give as a gift, there are some cool design options that we have at Pottery Barn Kids. You can have it personalized with a name monogrammed on the slipcover or just the initials inscribed. The slipcover fabric can be solid, striped or a zigzag. Bear, lamb and kitty patterns are also an option. Coordinate the colors with the nursery bedding for a coordinated look. The Boppy can also be used to help babies learning to sit up and to help with tummy time. Reading books to a baby while he or she is having tummy time on the pillow is a very soothing way to ease into a nap or bedtime or to help with relaxation. Having a color-coordinated pillow just adds to the fun of these early years and the milestones that come with them.

The Ways to Keep a Boppy Clean

Anything for babies needs to be a breeze to clean up since spit ups, drooling and diaper accidents are likely to occur. It’s just part of the package of being a baby and goes with the territory. This goes for clothes, bibs, toys, bedding and a Boppy pillow. Slipcovers fit over the pillows that are removable and machine-washable. A zippered closure makes the slipcovers easy to remove and then easy to place back over the pillows once they are cleaned. You can take the pillow on excursions knowing it can be washed if it gets dirty. Load it up with the stroller – it might be necessary to feed while on the go. Take it out to dinner, to the park or wherever a feeding might need to take place. The Boppy has been used by many moms and babies over the years and it lives up to its reputation. Get an extra one to keep at the grandparents’ house for convenience and one less thing to pack up. It will come in handy during visits once the baby is sitting up or needing to be fed while away from home.

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