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Beaba Baby Food Makers

Feeding your baby is a special activity that connects you and your child. True, it’s not exempt of some humorous moments that you probably want to record on video. All in all, feeding time is filled with happiness and tenderness. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know that you love spending time with your baby. We also understand that every parent’s schedule is different. We want to make it easy to give your children the food you want, even if you’re busy. One way to make it happen is with our Beaba baby food makers. How do they work? What are the advantages of making homemade baby food for your child? Here are a few.

One reason some moms and dads opt for homemade purees versus jars of baby food is because of nutrients. Vitamins – like vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D – and minerals help your baby to grow up strong, healthy and safe. That’s the same reason you include so many fresh fruits and veggies in meals for the rest of the family. Processed baby food, however – even organic varieties – does not have many natural nutrients. That’s because the sterilization process cooks foods for so long that it destroys most of the vitamins present. One solution? Steaming veggies cooks them without losing all that good stuff. Tasty food, happy baby, tons of nutrients: it’s win-win.

Made-from-scratch baby foods are all especially healthy because of what they don’t have: no preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial sweetening or food coloring. Does not having all those artificial components mean that it’s more difficult to get babies to eat? Not at all. In most cases, it’s the exact opposite. Babies are similar to food critics: they know what they like. Fresh fruits and vegetables usually taste much better and more flavorful. They’re steamed instead of processed for hours on end.

Another benefit of homemade baby food is that it exposes your child to a large variety of fruits and vegetables. That helps since it gets them accustomed to lots of different flavors from a young age. As they grow, cooking meals for the whole family is simple because your baby already likes most of the ingredients. That way they can usually eat the same food you make for everyone else, just in a more baby-friendly presentation.

How do our Beaba baby food makers work? They’re really easy. You just put any fruits, veggies, meat or fish inside the container. They steam foods to cook them without taking away nutrients. Afterwards – and still in the same container – you can blend or puree to the consistency you want. A pour spout and spatula help you serve or store your homemade creations right away. A major plus of our Beaba baby food makers is how quickly they handle cooking. In around 15 minutes or less, you’re ready to roll.

Feel free to go gourmet for your baby. No one said you have to stick with one flavor per meal, like carrot puree only. Creating tasty combinations is a lot of fun and completely fine with babies. In fact, it usually makes it even easier to feed them when you mix different kinds of veggies together. Instead of a broccoli-only meal, try blending in some carrots and apples for extra excitement. The next time you make applesauce, add a few different varieties. A hint of lemon zest, pears or peaches give it a special touch.

Can you add herbs like basil or mint? That depends on how sensitive your child’s tummy is. Many pediatricians say that after about eight months, you’re good to go. Babies who already eat most things without issues can often try herbs and spices earlier. Of course, check with your pediatrician if your baby has any special dietary needs.

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