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How to Clean a Diaper Pail

Bringing a baby home for the first time is certain to leave you in a frenzy of keeping up with their demanding needs, feeding schedule, and numerous nature calls. Whether it's during the day or night, newborns and infants require round-the-clock diaper changes. With everything else you need to stay on top of, finding a place to dispense dirty diapers becomes a real concern. Any new parent can attest to the fact that having a convenient and handy place to dispose of their baby's diaper right after a changing is a must. With that in mind, the answer to all of your problems is a diaper pail.

Diaper Pails vs. Regular Trash cans

If you're confused about what makes diaper pails superior to trash cans and why you should discard your dirty diapers separately in your home before taking out the trash, the answer is simple. Dirty diapers often have a very unpleasant odor. Even if you keep a special trashcan in a closed-off space in your home, chances are that the smell will spread. Once it does, cleaning your house will prove challenging. The dirty diaper smell can linger and take days or weeks to dissipate. Further, most average trash cans are built with materials that retain the scent. A diaper pail is effective for preventing leaks and suppressing any odors. Your home is your sanctuary, and with a baby in the picture, anything that helps you keep it clean is an investment worth making.

How to Use a Diaper Pail

The diaper pails available at Pottery Barn Kids are easy to handle and require minimal maintenance. For the best results in keeping your home free of dirty diaper smells, it's recommended that you set up a changing station. Your diaper pail doesn't take up much room. Portable models provide you with a range of options for placement in your home. Simply position it near your changing station and you'll be able to change your baby's diapers without a second thought. If you've got a crawling infant or a wandering toddler loose, you'll be pleased with diaper pails that boast a child-proof lock on the lid. That way, you can rest assured you won't find your little explorer digging where they shouldn't and making a mess of things.

Tips for Cleaning a Diaper Pail

Pottery Barn Kids carries diaper pails that are compatible with any regular trash bag. Simply pull the plastic bag with the discarded diapers out when you are ready to take the trash out and leave it with the rest of your refuse. An average diaper pail can hold upward of fifty diapers, giving you a buffer to manage your household efficiently. Another option is to use a diaper pail with the manufacturer's liner. Some liners are scented, providing you with another layer of protection to keep your home clean. For eco-friendly homes, machine washable liners are ideal.

It's good practice to wipe your pail down periodically to keep it fresh and neat. If the surface of your diaper pail is made of a metal like stainless steel, be sure to avoid using abrasive or aggressive cleaning agents and substances. A clean washcloth, smooth towel, or soft sponge and a dash of mild soap are all you need to preserve your diaper pail.

Picking the Right Diaper Pail

As a home accessory, your choice of diaper pail should address your needs with ease, be practical, and give you the functionality needed for your peace of mind. Diaper pails available are made of stainless steel, for increased durability and a large volume capacity so you won't have to sweat over having to empty your pail frequently. Another bonus is the variety of diaper pail colors at your disposal. There are units with matte finishes in white, gray, navy blue, or lavender purple so you can color coordinate with your interior design and color palette. You won't have to compromise convenience for the visual appeal of your home or nursery.

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