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Baby Books

At Pottery Barn Kids, we understand how vital it is to expose babies to educational tools from a young age. With our baby books, you can explore worlds of wonder with your baby and spend precious time bonding together. Set your baby in a baby bouncer and lull him or her to sleep with stories of snuggly bunnies, flying storks and princess fairy tales. The side-to-side motion of our baby bouncers gently rock baby to sleep while the sound of your voice reading delightful stories makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Make reading a more interactive event with our play mats and activity gyms. Baby can bounce, crawl and point out his or her favorite parts in the story in a comfortable environment surrounded by favorite toys. Look for a plush play mat that your baby can lie on while you read adventurous pirate tales and world travel adventures. Our plush play mats feature your children’s favorite friends from dogs to bears and lambs so they can enjoy stories of farms with their own versions of the main characters. You can even make a birthday extra special with a personalized birthday baby book that features your child’s name as the main character.

Keep all of your baby books neatly organized with bookcases that make it easy for you to pick out the perfect story for bedtime or nap time. If you’re short on floor space, look for a tall bookcase that increases vertical storage while maximizing floor space for play activities. Make sure to secure bookshelves to the walls as your baby grows older to prevent them from tipping over. Bookshelves are ideal for storing not only baby books but also toys with organization tools including bins and baskets for a neat appearance. Make your babies space special as they grow with bookshelves in fun shapes from movie characters to little dollhouses.

Baby books help to inspire your baby’s imagination and pair well with educational and baby toys that expand their minds. Mobiles are also terrific at inducing calm focus for story time and can be educational tools when paired with storybook subjects to use as props. Help your baby or toddler learn how to count and identify alphabet letters with baby books that introduce the concepts. Follow along with the story by using educational baby toys including letters and blocks featuring the subject material to expose your babies to the learning process. You can even turn story time into show and tell with puppets or an easel where you can draw out storybook scenes to the delight of your children.

For babies that have a hard time focusing during story time, opt for teethers they can chew on to keep them busy yet peaceful while listening to you read. Teethers are particularly helpful in soothing gum pain from growing teeth and baby books help distract their minds from the pain. Our teethers come in a variety of shapes that you can use along with storybooks including giraffes and dogs that your baby will love.

Nothing makes story time more special than cozying up with your baby to read with our Anywhere Chairs®. Choose a super soft shearling chair that adds a luxurious comfort to story time. Our chairs are lightweight and have a handle that allows for easy toting from room to room. The machine washable slipcovers make these chairs ideal to use with babies as they are easy to clean and are long lasting. Add a cozy swaddling blanket that will make your baby feel warm and protected, and you can settle in for the evening while enjoying baby books describing fantasy lands and stories that inspire confidence.