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How to Swaddle a Baby

When a baby is fussy or when it is time for bed, don't be surprised if someone recommends swaddling them. That is, wrapping them in a blanket or cover so that they are nestled and comforted. Swaddling has become a well-known trick for new and experienced parents alike. Whether your child is a newborn or an infant, getting your swaddling technique just right can make all the difference during those moments when nothing else can calm your baby. You might be surprised to know that swaddling is not all about how you fold the blanket or how snug the fit. The fibers and fabrics in your blanket should suit your baby, and the quality of the material plays a major role as well.

The Best Blankets for Swaddling

Baby blankets come in a variety of textile materials. For swaddling, the gold standard is blankets made of muslin or cotton. Nevertheless, each child is different. Ensuring their comfort and finding the right match is paramount. If your baby doesn't agree with either of those options, our selection of baby blankets includes blended fabrics, synthetics, and organic materials. This includes durable acrylic blankets, an assortment of wrinkle-resistant choices, as well as those made of polyester chamois, polyester Sherpa, cotton weave, and wool, among others. Additionally, you can take your pick from the convenience of machine-washable blankets to hypoallergenic models.

Tips for Swaddling A Baby

A job well done is frequently one you perform in a stress-free environment. For the sake of your baby's tranquility, swaddle them in a familiar space rid of all agitation. You need enough space to open the entire blanket up, and the blanket itself should be big enough for your baby. Make sure you have a smooth and clear surface available.

The quickest way to swaddle your child is to place the blanket in a diamond position, so one of the edges points to you. Then, fold the upper edge (the one opposite to the edge closest to you) to the center of the blanket. Place your baby in the middle of the blanket, with the head resting on the folded part. The other sides of the blanket should still point outward. Gently hold your baby's arm and fold the outstretched edge of the blanket over your child, tucking it underneath the baby's body. Repeat this last step with the other side of the blanket. If you have any trouble wrapping the fabric around your child, try rolling their body slightly to gain access under their backs. Swaddling should be cozy for the baby and allow for a range of movement, so double check that you haven't wrapped the blanket too tight.

When to Swaddle Your Baby

For the first months of your baby's life, swaddling is an effective way to stop babies from waking up in the middle of the night by their body's own natural reflex. Eventually, your baby might even come to associate swaddling with their nightly routine, which makes your job as a parent easier.

When you're in a tight spot and can't both comfort your baby and perform another task at the same time, swaddling can work miracles for soothing your child. There are both emotional and physiological reasons for this. The number one thing to watch out for is that your baby doesn't loosen the blanket wrap too much. The blanket should envelop your baby's body in a warm, safe cloud of comfort for it to work.

Short on time, Pottery Barn Kids carries swaddling sets that make your life easier and cut down the time it takes to keep your baby nurtured by providing you with a blanket tailored for swaddling. Our swaddling sets come in a wonderfully diverse range of colors, whimsical patterns and themes, and many contain multiple blankets for you and your baby to mix and match.

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