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Food Storage

The bonding that takes place between a parent and child during the very first feedings is an important experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. You can achieve a great deal of comfort from knowing that your baby is eating foods that promote proper growth and development. From comparing the benefits of breastfeeding at birth to preparing your own baby foods at home for your baby, the debating of how and what to feed your baby begins long before the bundle of joy arrives. While only you can make the decisions on what feeding concepts will best meet the needs of you and your child, at Pottery Barn Kids, we have all the baby food storage, preparation and serving products you need.

When choosing to breastfeed your newborn, having the right breast pumps and breast milk storage containers available is a necessity. Electric breast pumps allow mothers to pump throughout the day while storing milk for their baby’s feedings at a later time. Carrying cases for the pumps and milk storage containers gives you the freedom of taking the baby gear whether you are heading out to work or running necessary errands throughout the day.

As your baby grows, so does the dietary needs of your child. Introducing solid foods, including cereals, vegetables and fruits, is a memorable time for both you and your child. Ensuring that the foods you feed your baby contain all the natural vitamins and minerals that are needed is easy when you choose to prepare the foods yourself. By using a baby food cooker, you can prepare healthy meal choices for your baby right in your own kitchen. Baby food cookers are dishwasher-safe and store away conveniently between uses. Keeping leftover baby food you prepare in the cooker is simple with the use of food storage containers. With airtight lids included, the food storage containers keep foods fresh in the refrigerator and prevent leakage when packing the diaper bag when on the go.

Having a busy schedule means that you are not always home when your child experiences a rumbly tummy. Travel snack containers offer baby food storage capabilities for healthy snacks whether you are out for a walk in the park or strolling through the many errands on your list of things to do. Plastic and metal travel snack containers are available in an assortment of styles and sizes to accommodate the different foods you want to have on hand for your child at any given time. These baby food storage containers are ideal for use when your child attends daycare or preschool during the day.

Parents are not the only people concerned with purchasing the right baby food storage products. If you are shopping around for baby shower or welcome home gifts for a child, bottle starter sets are always a welcomed addition to any new parent’s baby care essentials. Bottles that have an easy to grip design are often used when teaching a child the first steps to self-feeding. Baby bottles are dishwasher-safe and are acceptable to use in a bottle sterilizing system. For gift ideas that won’t be forgotten anytime soon, selecting water bottles and thermal food containers can be ideal for when parents head out to the beach or park with a little one in tow. The temperature-control design of water bottles and thermal food containers mean fresher foods and better-preserved flavors to which your child has become accustomed. Whatever baby food storage containers and gear you select for your child’s care or for gift-giving events, the memories that are built during the child’s growth and development are priceless.