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Entertain Your Baby With a Baby Bouncer

Give your baby a reason to smile with a baby bouncer made just for him or her to have fun. These bouncy seats feature cozy lining for lounging, just enough overhead visual stimulation to keep your baby engaged, plus a soothing, rhythmic motion that lets you simply tap the bouncer and keep your baby rocking and happy. With an exciting range of streamlined styles that look great anywhere in your home, finding a baby bouncer for both of you to love has never been easier. Discover which one is right for you and start bouncing your baby every day.

What is a Baby Bouncer?

A baby bouncer is a small seat that allows your baby to enjoy a rhythmic motion for a few minutes at a time. These accessories are part toy and part seat, so that your baby can relax and enjoy while you take advantage of the peace of mind of knowing he or she is safely strapped into their bouncer.

  • The baby bouncer consists of a seat that looks like a car seat. The seat contains simple strap that allows you to secure the baby in place in a harness.
  • The seat is raised up on a disc or platform base that balances the entire bouncer. The seat bounces from its connection at the base. The base itself does not move.
  • An arch crosses over the seat and often includes dangling plush toys to keep your baby looking at something fun and cute.
  • A baby bouncer is great for babies who love to rock or those who fall asleep in the car. Stay home this time and just tap the bouncer lightly to set it swaying.

Features to Shop for Your Baby Bouncer

Make sure your baby bouncer satisfies all your needs by shopping only for high-quality versions that look great in your home.

  • Select a baby bouncer with a strong base. The base should be a wide disc or circle or a sturdy platform. The base needs to stay balanced at all times.
  • The bouncer's seat connects to the base. The best seats are deep enough for your baby to feel cozy while allowing enough room for you to easily adjust the harness and straps to keep your baby secure.
  • You want a seat liner that's easy to wash. Light colors are no big deal when you can quickly launder linings with other linens, like baby towels or changing pad covers. Spot clean between everyday uses as needed.

New Baby Rocker Styles

When shopping for baby bouncers, look for updated styles to give your baby the best there is. For example, today's best baby rocker styles include multi-level lift systems for different heights, designer collaborations that include stylish mobile toys and upscale lining patterns that let you coordinate your baby bouncer with the rest of the nursery.