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Nursery Furniture Basics for Your Baby's Room

When preparing your baby's room, shopping for nursery furniture is just one more joy during a period of real happiness. Find everything you need for your nursery when you browse stylish and well-made cribs, changing tables and other furniture. Don't forget to include a few pieces for yourself, another parent or family members who may also spend time in the nursery. Creating a comfortable space, full of beautiful design touches or accents, allows everyone to feel relaxed and focused, so you can bond with and take care of your baby.  Discover gorgeous nursery furniture here to start decorating your baby's room today.

Cribs and Changing Tables

Start your decorating journey with the two basic items of nursery furniture every home needs. Once you select a crib and changing table, you'll begin to feel like your nursery is really coming together.

  • Select a crib that is high-quality and versatile for growing needs. With soft finishes, like natural wood, clean white or warmer off-white, you can find one that allows you to enjoy pairing it with baby bedding looks.
  • Your changing table is where you'll make sure your baby is clean and dressed. Use the table with a pad that you keep fresh with changing pad covers. You can store the covers and other linens in the drawers of the changing table.
  • These anchor pieces help you build out your nursery. Refer back to their design feel and the layout of your nursery when designing the rest of the room.

Toddler Beds for Growing Kids

As your baby grows, he or she begins to need a larger bed. While your crib may still be in great shape, thanks to its high level of artisanship and durability, your baby is becoming a toddler and needs a little more space.

  • Toddler beds offer a smart way to transition your nursery furniture with ease, while still allowing you to maintain the decor aesthetic you love.
  • Start with a crib conversion kit that can let you get the most mileage out of a great crib. These kits give your child the security of rails along three sides of the bed, but maintain an open side for you to assist your toddler in climbing in and out or tucking under the covers.
  • As your toddler gets used to the converted crib, you can upgrade within a few months or a year to a kids' bed that has a more traditional frame, headboard or footboard.

Nursery Furniture for You

Be sure to add furniture that includes your comfort. You spend so much time in this room. Furnishings like nursery chairs or ottomans let you breastfeed, relax, read stories, help children dress and more.