Slipcovered Furniture


How to install slipcovers

  • Carefully pull slipcover over the frame from front to back.
  • Smooth and tuck any excess fabric into the corners and sides of the seat deck.
  • Once on, gently work the slipcover so that so that the zippers are aligned with the corners of the frame. The slipcover will fit snugly yet retain its relaxed look.
  • Gently slide on the cushion covers, making sure that the corners of the cushion fill the corners of the slipcover before zipping.
  • Wrinkles from shipping disappear over time; however, you may iron the slipcover before placement or once it is on your piece.

How to install slipcovers on a sleeper

  • Follow the above steps.
  • Place slipcover on the sleeper so that the flap ("trapdoor") lies along the frame of the enclosed bed frame under the seat section.
  • Locate the slipcover ties (or interlocking strips) on the flap and tie them to the sleeper mechanism to hold the flap in place.
  • When folding out the sleeper for use, undo the ties and fold the flap down the front of the sleeper.
  • For convenience, slipcover can remain on the sleeper while using the sleeper mechanism.