Intro Quiz

What's their favorite weekend activity?

  • Going to the Movies
  • Trying New Recipes
  • Dressing Up
  • Playing Sports
  • Making Crafts
  • Helping Others

What do they want to be when they grow up?

  • A Doctor
  • A Chef
  • A Dancer
  • An Athlete
  • A Builder
  • A Teacher

At the playground, what activity do they like to do?

  • Play in a Fort
  • Ride the Swings
  • Go Down the Slides
  • Climb the Rockwall
  • Hang On the Monkey Bars
  • Eat a Snack

Pick a texture

  • Sandpaper
  • Steel
  • Pigskin
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Tiles

What's their favorite school subject?

  • Science
  • Music
  • Gym
  • Recess
  • Art
  • Math

Pick a book genre they'd like to read

  • Science Fiction
  • Action & Adventure
  • Non-Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Comic Books
  • Cookbook

There is nothing they’d rather do than to build make-believe towns and faraway castles from their blocks, play tools, train sets and more. Whether its embracing their inner-architect or imagining life on the railroad, to them playtime is about getting their hands dirty and building a masterful design!

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From reading about faraway lands to dreaming of magical adventures, they’re always imagining! Nothing is more fun than to make-believe themselves as a character from their favorite movie or book with dress-up costumes, dolls and snuggly stuffed animals. Whether with friends or by themselves, they love to play all day!

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From whipping up desserts to serving delicious meals, this Little Chef has a taste for fine dining. They’re most curious about which cheeses pair with grape juice or how to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In order to master the art of cooking and become a famous chef, they’ll need to start with pretend top-of-the-line Le Creuset® cookware, play food and more.

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Up, up and away! This Little Hero loves to watch their favorite hero movie or imagine saving the town from villains. Action-packed styles with the Avengers and more heroes are right for them.

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They are the chosen one to save the galaxy from Darth Vader™ and his empire. Whether it’s running errands or going on a galactic adventure, they always have their Lightsaber™ by their side. Your Little Jedi™ will forever be a devoted fan with Star Wars™ bedding, wall art and more showcased in their space.

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Score! They’re the all-star athlete who loves to be kicking around a soccer ball, throwing a football or dancing in a ballet. Whether they’re playing at home or school, they’ll always play to win the game. Your Little Athlete needs the essentials – sports-themed decor, outdoor toys, gym bags and more –  that’ll keep up with their active lifestyle.

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