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Get to know a few of our talented Design Crew designers.

  • Courtney Francis

    Courtney Francis has a passion
    for creating beautifully
    designed spaces that are
    functional and tailored to meet her clients’ needs. She has
    been designing for over ten
    years and prides herself on
    providing quality service to each of her clients.

  • Patty Gomez

    Patty has been at Pottery
    Barn Kids for six years and is
    our full-time Design
    Specialist. She has an
    extensive background in
    event planning and has taken
    interior designing courses to
    elevate customer experience.

  • Amy Lewis

    With several years of
    designing for Pottery Barn
    Kids, Amy guides her clients
    through a flawless design
    process, taking out all the
    guesswork. She strives to
    create spaces that are
    functional and elegant.

  • Tuesday Williams

    Making the home a “happy place”
    is Tuesday’s goal! She loves
    getting to know her clients and
    bringing their vision to life.
    Tuesday is inspired by the sense
    of magic and wonder in every
    child and how Pottery Barn Kids
    captures this in their products.

  • Laura Finnegan

    Laura designs nurseries and
    kids’ rooms that are fun and
    unique. She always takes
    care of her clients and makes
    sure their space represents
    their unique personality.

  • Eugena Lanao

    Eugenia has been with
    Pottery Barn Kids for five
    years, sharing her extensive
    knowledge in baby gear as
    our current registry lead. Her
    experience goes beyond the
    store as she has also spent
    over 10 years as a childcare

  • Michelle Albers

    Clients love Michelle’s eye for
    simplicity, creativity and
    design. As a Design Studio
    Specialist, her designs are
    comfortable and functional
    without sacrificing style,
    whether it’s finding the perfect bedding or designing
    an entire space.

  • Fran Kaskel

    Fran’s strong sense of design
    encourages clients to develop
    their own style and step out
    of the box. She enjoys
    working with clients during
    milestones in their lives and
    being part of the design

  • Jackie Yi

    Jackie has been a designer for
    seven years and is a favorite
    among clients. She loves to
    work alongside clients to
    design their dream space and
    delights in the moments when
    they return to update their
    rooms for their next phase in

  • Dolores Duffany

    Dolores has been with the
    company for 11 years and
    values developing strong
    relationships with her clients.
    She strives to create these
    special connections every day.

  • Gema Vallejo

    Gema is a designer with
    expertise in product and
    upholstery. She is motivated
    by connecting with people
    and approaches every project
    as if it were for her own

  • Renee Bolstad

    Renee has been designing for
    30 years and has an
    impeccable eye for detail and a
    great sense of color. With a
    degree from the Interior Design
    Institute, her passion is to
    create a unique space that
    clients will fall in love with.

  • Halina Oleck

    Halina has over 15 years of
    interior design and retail sales
    experience. As the newest
    addition to our Design Crew,
    she brings an expanded
    knowledge of spaces due to
    her Masters in Architecture.

  • Denise Perry

    Denise has been with the
    Williams Sonoma Brand for over
    10 years. She has been at
    Pottery Barn Kids for 6 of those
    years as the Sales and Service
    Manager. Denise oversees all
    the development within the store
    and personally oversees our
    Trade Business Program.

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room that I never would have thought
to put together.”

– Elizabeth Holmes

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We completely understand and can be incredibly flexible by working
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