Polyester Fabric Toy

  • Swim Cat Designer Doll
    Handmade swim accessories from goggles to a swim suit make this cat the perfect summertime companion. 28.5" long x 10" wide x 4" deep Handmade of soft cotton and polyester percale with an embroidered face. Clothing is crafted of a medley of fabrics, including polyester percale, tulle and felt. Detailed with an appliqud ribbon on the shoes and bracelet. Ages 2 and up. Hand wash. Imported.
    $59 Special $47
  • Kitty Designer Doll Sophie
    With its long, whimsical body thats perfect for hugging, plus artful accents and details, this cute creature is the perfect pet. 13" wide x 4" deep x 28.5" high Made of soft cotton jersey with felt appliqu details. Dress is sewn of a medley of fabrics including cotton, polyester and tulle. Ages 2 and up. Imported.
    $59 Sale $46.99
  • Mini Love Designer Doll Mabel
    Mabel is pure magic. Shes soft, snuggly, fun and fanciful. Plus, she can keep a secret. Crafted with all the charm of a handmade doll, she has yarn hair, embroidered eyes, and a flowing dress of cotton and tulle. 18" tall x 11" wide x 3" deep Handmade of soft linen/cotton with an embroidered face and yarn hair. Clothing is crafted of a medley of fabrics, including polyester, ribbon, felt and tulle. Detailed with reflective dance shoes. Ages 2 and up. Spot clean. Imported.
    $35 Sale $29.99