Mounting Hardware Deep Shelf

  • 4 Inch Deep Collector's Shelf, 2 Foot x 6.5 Inch Simply White
    Keep books and artwork in easy reach on shelves that create an attractive display. Sturdily built to hold a range of items safely. Small shelf is 4" deep and features 1 rail. Large shelf is 6" deep and features 2 rails. Each size available in a 2 foot or 3 foot length. Mounting hardware included.
    $49 $69
  • Hayden Tuscan Shelves, Pedestal Shelf
    These sturdy shelves help you create a unique display of books, toys or trophies on your child’s wall. The versatile design works together effortlessly with our other Hayden pieces, so it’s easy to stay organized. Pedestal Shelf: 10" wide x 7" deep x 6.5" high 2' Shelf: 24" wide x 8" deep x 7" high 4' Shelf: 48" wide x 8" deep x 7" high Made of sturdy MDF. Keyhole mount; hardware included.
    $29 Sale $10.99