One Year and Under

For small children, it’s important to have toys that are safe and made just for their age group. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide selection of toys made just for children who are one year or younger. We have a wide selection of plush animal toys that are made of the softest material and easy to clean, but we also carry toys that are sometimes overlooked for children this young. Our activity gyms are made of soft, baby safe materials that are padded for your babies comfort. The gyms come with an assortment of toys that are safe for a child to pull and chew on as they learn their coordination and build up their strength. Our wooden toys are made from safe wood that won’t harm your child if they happen to chew on it. These toys are made to help with coordination. We have stacker rings, shape sorters and xylophones. These are all great for stimulating senses and helping them learn.

Make sure to check out our selection of rockers which are great fun for children of various ages. Don’t forget the games and puzzles for your older children to help them learn and grow. For older children, check out our selection of playhouse and teepees to add to your child’s play space.