Developmental Toys

When it comes to time for babies to play, it’s not only a time for fun, but it is an important time for them to learn. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide selection of toys geared to stimulate and help your child learn. Our wooden toys, such as trains and stackers, give children shapes to try to fit and stack by using their hand-eye coordination and their memory skills. Building blocks help with teaching little ones their letters, words and even pictures to memorize. Along with the wooden blocks, we carry soft rubber blocks that are great for tactile touch for babies. Cardboard blocks and plastic ones give children hours of stacking and building fun. The cardboard blocks features numbers, pictures and animals for educational fun. Our push-and-pull toys get kids active while they have fun. They are great for kids who are just learning to walk. The rainbow-colored push toys are great for toddlers because they open up and display bright flashes of collar as they are pushed along the floor.

If you want more educational toys for your child, make sure to check out our games and puzzles section. Our selection of bath toys can make bath time enjoyable for everyone. Don’t forget to check out our selection of ride-on toys to keep your little one on the move.