Kids Lunch Boxes

For a kid at school, lunch is different than anything else that happens in the school day. At lunch, there is less structure, kids are allowed to gather with their friends, converse freely and enjoy a meal. Some days, it can be the most enjoyable part of the school day, and a little reminder of home and family in the form of a hand packed lunch might be just the thing to counteract a bad day or enhance a good one. In the past, kids who brought their own lunch were “brown-bagging it,” but today there are many options for attractive and functional reusable lunch containers. Lunch bags in a variety of colors and patterns can be coordinated with a child’s backpack making it easier for them to keep track of their things and to express their personality. With personalization options including names or initials, it is easy to tell whose lunch is whose. This is especially helpful in situations where the lunches are transported from the classroom to the lunch room by someone other than the student.

There are so many styles to choose from, there will be something to appeal to every taste. The Mackenzie collection features a wide variety of colors and patterns, from animals and animal prints to planets, trucks and ballerinas, you are sure to find a design that catches your child’s interest. Most of these are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with the standard features of being easy to use and care for. There are classic designs that have appealed to kids for decades: a variety of Star Wars™ choices, and Marvel™ superheroes such as Superman™, Batman™, Wonder Woman™ and more. Speaking of classic designs, the Fairfax collection offers bold stripes and solids with coordinating zipper and handles, customizable with a patch of the child’s choice, and his or her name embroidered on the bag. The convenient backpack-style lunch boxes are perfect for students who have other things to carry, and also work well for sporting events.

In addition to so many pattern choices, there are different shapes to choose from that suit the needs and preferences of different students. The classic square bag has a mesh pocket on the outside, and the retro style bag is rounded at the top and resembles the metal lunch boxes of the old days, without the hard sides and poor insulation. The insulated sack is a simple bag with a handle on top that looks like a brown bag done right, and the backpack style lunch boxes hold lunch and so much more. Depending on the shape you choose, your drink container may be held inside the lid with two straps or carried in the outside pocket.

All the bags are designed to fit with Spencer reusable food containers of various sizes. With the convenient Pottery Barn Kids guide to packing lunch, parents can see which containers to use with which bags to achieve the best use of spacee in packing. At the end of a long day, parents can also feel better knowing that spills inside and outside the lunch box are easy to clean up. The cloth shells of the lunch bags are made of heavy-duty woven polyester that can easily be wiped clean. Many bags have a molded interior, making food containers less likely to move around and spill during transport. And, if there is a spill, the PEVA vinyl lining is not only food-safe and environmentally friendly, it is easy to clean and ready for the next day’s lunch.

These bags can serve many functions beyond lunch. With coordinating items in our collections, the lunch box is just one of several pieces of luggage kids take along for their extracurricular activities. For sleepovers, some collections feature toiletry bags and media/tablet cases in coordinating patterns. Matching water bottles are perfect for sporting events as well as lunch, and coordinating tote bags fit everything else. With so many designs to choose from, your student can be decked out in coordinated, customized bags for all activities that are easy to care for and keep track of, providing a little more piece of mind for parents.