Set up a miniature library in the playroom or bedroom and foster a healthy learning environment. Bookcases are excellent furniture pieces for storing picture books, children’s novels, readers and atlases. Pottery Barn Kids carries a large selection of different sizes and styles to meet storage needs for any collection of tomes.

Smaller bookcases work well in a baby or toddler’s room, as the books tend to be slimmer and require less storage space. Choose a larger option for an avid reader to offer plenty of access to beloved titles. Tall shelves make better options for older children when they can safely reach volumes from the top shelves. Use accessories such as bookends to divide by authors or subjects and keep everything organized. Book racks are handy for young kids, as these pieces make it easy to select books by their covers.

Bookcases are also handy for storing other items. Use boxes and baskets to organize toys and other smaller items on the shelves. Plush animals or dolls can make excellent substitutes for bookends, and they lend a playful style to the room. Empty shelves can double as dollhouses, and longer pieces provide plenty of space for doll furniture and accessories. Shelf tops provide space for displaying figurine collections, jewelry boxes or small decorative items. Choose a cubby-style case as an alternative to a toy chest.