Nursery and Changing Table Storage

Changing a baby is never the most pleasant experience, but the one thing that is certain to make it worse is ample storage for all of those dirty diapers. Smart parents head to Pottery Barn Kids, where it is easy to find a huge selection of nursery and changing table storage options that make it easy to clean up. Choose from baskets made from pure abaca, a woven hemp that originates from banana leaves and is lightweight and sturdy as well as linen, cotton and canvas storage options with more than enough space for all of the essentials. There are plenty of other useful baby items that help make life easier for parents, too, such as chic closets and hampers that look perfectly suitable in the corner of a kids room or nursery. Available in a range of charming colors and even with personalized stitching to help everyone stay organized, there is a huge selection available for even the most cluttered household. 

If the floor is already a little busy there are plenty of other ways to stow some extra essentials in a way that does not ruin the decor. Add some serious space with storage wall systems that match the decor in kids rooms and nurseries. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, smaller wall systems involve a few simple drawers and often have open areas ideal for displaying pictures and other decorative items. Larger wall systems are available with enough space for all kinds of essentials, and they are tough enough to last for years. Whether decorating bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms or any other room in the house, there is no better place for all of your home decor needs than Pottery Barn Kids.