Many youngsters have never been particularly fond of baths. But you can change that, thanks to Pottery Barn Kids’ child-friendly bathtime items and decor. The trick is to transform the space from a serious area into a playful room where it’s okay to have fun. Our vibrant towels and curtains can take care of that easily. Choose bold colors when deciding on a room theme. Children love bright blues and greens, as well as neon pink, in the case of most girls. Toss in a dose of their favorite animals or superheroes and most of your work is already done. Kids adore drying off in towels featuring colorful designs. And when it comes to toddlers, a plush bath wrap keeps them snug. Large beach towels< do the same thing when playing in the backyard, and they feature popular motifs like sharks and mermaids.

If your children’s bathroom has a tub, it becomes even simpler to make bathtime into an adventure. Floating toys let them exercise their imagination and become underwater explorers for a while. The problem might actually become getting them out of the bathtub. A bath mat is useful for pretty much any bathroom, but especially for those that have slippery tile. These mats give kids a stable surface to stand on while you wrap them up. A mat also keeps their little feet comfy on cold days, making the whole experience more pleasant. Have a pair of pajamas close by so they can stay extra toasty.