Toys and Gifts

Stay up to date with the latest stuffed animals and other toys from Pottery Barn Kids and keep the little ones in your life entertained. Our new arrivals offer grown-ups the opportunity to supplement their favorite kids’ rooms with new playthings, whether it’s a cuddly stuffed doll or a well-designed game that is as fun to play with as it is good looking. We offer a wide variety of different toys and gifts for boys and girls of all types, whether they’re interested in traditionally masculine or feminine things or prefer a more modern, gender-neutral approach.

Whether you’re looking for some new toys for the bathroom to make bath time more enticing or you want some fun playthings to complement decor in a bedroom, our new arrivals will give you the opportunity to keep things fresh and find the ideal piece for your kids. Our offerings also include toys suitable for different age ranges, allowing you to find something for different siblings. Check back regularly for new seasonal offerings that can help make your kid’s entire year more fun, from outdoor toys for summertime to holiday-themed goodies during the winter months.