Mix-and-Match Lamp Shades

From a practical standpoint, /shop/lighting lighting is an essential element of a child’s room. From bedtime reading to daytime play, it’s important to provide your little one with enough light to see what he or she is doing without straining those little eyes. Pottery Barn Kids offers a variety of different lighting options, including mix and match lamp shades and bases that add some customization power to your shopping efforts. Our mix and match lamp shades come in a range of fun styles, from preppy solid colors to whimsical patterns and even some themed options to coordinate with your child’s sports-, space- or floral-themed bedroom.

There’s no wrong way to approach picking out your perfect mix and match lamp. You can start by selecting a shop/lighting/mix-and-match-lamp-bases lamp base or pick out the shade first and go from there. our lamp base options include plenty of different styles, some that may match better with certain mix and match lamp shades. For example, we offer some glamorous lamp bases in metallic or transparent materials that may match best with our pastel or metallic-accented lamp shades. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which options you think will work best together, so get creative and ask your kid to help narrow down your options.

Our mix and match lamps come in a range of different sizes, but for the most part, these /shop/lighting/all-lighting lamps are best when used as a table lamp on a nightstand or desk. You can use them on their own, with your home’s built-in overhead light fixture or in conjunction with selections from our collection of wall lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps. You may even want to choose several mix and match lamp shades to pair with different mix and match bases to create an eclectic and whimsical collection of small lamps at different heights in the room. With this arrangement, it’s easy to create mood lighting for story time or turn all the lamps on at once for some bright playtime illumination.

Because our mix and match lamp shades and bases come in so many different styles and colors, you can see these /shop/lighting/table-lamps lamps as decorative objects in addition to functional sources of light. Kids’ rooms should be as fun as they are practical, right? These lamps are the perfect way to strike that balance. The best part is that if your kid outgrows the decor on the mix and match lamp shade, you can always get a replacement shade without having to toss out the whole lamp.

Perfect for bedrooms, /shop/playroom playrooms and kid-friendly TV rooms or living rooms, our mix and match lamp shades and bases give you a greater degree of control for decor. Get the exact look you’re going for with no compromises on style or quality – each one of these pieces has the same excellent design and careful construction that makes our products so worthwhile. With different shade shapes, embellishment textures and fabric colors on offer, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect shade to add a pop of color to a room or provide subtlety in an already eclectic space.

No matter what kind of decor you and your kids have chosen for their bedrooms and /shop/decor play areas, you can find the right blend of form and function within this versatile collection of lamp shades and bases. Mix and match options to find the best fit for your needs, and if you happen to see something that would look great in the adult-friendly spaces in your home, don’t hesitate to embrace it. Though they’re perfectly designed for fashionable kids, these table-lamp-sized light fixtures provide plenty of style for adults to enjoy, too.