Vehicles and Trains

Spark your kids’ sense of adventure and playful nature with exquisite vehicle and train toys. From construction vehicles and magnificent police cars to a Lionel express train, Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide range of toys guaranteed to keep kids smiling while playing. With exceptional craftsmanship and stylish flair that evokes an heirloom look of excellence, a wooden train set captures the multiple scenes often created at the railway stations together with the sounds of an accelerating train. Help your children grow into heroes by surprising them with ambulance trucks or DC’s Batmobile that propel them to imagine how they would save people’s lives.

Keep the toys safe in toy storage boxes for future use and prevent them from breaking by being stepped on. With a variety of choices such as smoked oak, simply white and midnight navy toy chests, storing your precious children’s toys will not be an issue. Add a sleek and elegant look to your children’s rooms with playroom rugs that also cushion toys that fall, reducing their chances of breaking. We offer fun play-in-the park and eclectic McKenna rugs that blend beautifully with the window curtains and color of the room. For a touch of ingenuity, embellish the playroom with remarkable decor patterns and art gallery sets to marvel not only kids but adults as well.