Kids’ Dinnerware & Place Settings

Gathering around the table for meals is a way for families to bond and create everyday memories that can last a lifetime. Put an emphasis on the delight you want your little ones to have at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pottery Barn Kids offers practical, innovative solutions in whimsical ways with plates, bowls, cups, tumblers and place mats that are child-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Kids will look forward to using them for meals. The dinnerware also makes great gifts for children’s sleepovers, baby showers and housewarming parties.

Start decorating your dining table with place mats that also serve the purpose of protecting your furniture. Fish place mats of various colors can set the tone for an undersea kitchen. Striped place mats may be just the thing for older kids who are looking for a touch of sophistication at meal time. Your little animal lovers will delight in a safari animal place mat and a treat bowl that’s shaped like animals, such as sharks.

Get back to basics with plate and tumbler sets that simplify the process of setting the table and making your kids happy. The sets are sure to make both you and your child smile. A plate with a zebra with rainbow-colored stripes encourages children to be colorful in their own lives, while an astronomy-themed plate reminds kids that they are out of this world. Empower your kids with greater self-esteem when they sit down to eat along with nurturing their bodies with great food. You can even mix and match your plates, tumblers and bowls with similar colors and designs on lunch bags, so your child can take tastes of home with them in multiple ways.

Share wonderful moments that turn into memories each day when you gather around the table with your kids for a quick breakfast or a long dinner. Help small children avoid getting restless at the dinner table when you buy them plates, tumblers and bowls that feature a likeness of their favorite superhero characters. Young fans will be thrilled at such presents, and you may also help your child select a tumbler and bowl set for the next children’s party they need to attend. Accompanied with a small toy for girls or boys, it is ideal. Your generosity and creativity with gift giving is sure to be remembered long after the party.

If you want to give your dining area a makeover, we also offer beautiful tablecloths and table runners. Simply choosing and displaying something that simple is enough to change the look and feel of a room. Coordinate the tablecloth with the table runner to enjoy a combination that helps take the guesswork out of setting up for a party. In addition to offering durability for everyday use, we craft the tablecloths to be beautiful party decor as well. If you are celebrating a child’s birthday, another thing that will add a touch of whimsy to a party is presenting your child with a beautiful banner that wishes him a happy birthday. Also, there are gift sets of a tumbler, plate and bowl that also have birthday greetings to help little ones feel even more special on their big day.

Embrace the fact that kids will be kids. Make the most of the games and art supplies that many children like to keep nearby at all times. We offer chairbackers that resemble old-fashioned baskets, and they provide plenty of storage room for kids who want easy access to their treasures at the dinner table. You can also customize the tag with your child’s name. Our utensils and ice cream spoon sets are all designed for durability and their appeal to children. When the holidays come around, be prepared to wow Santa when your kids leave out milk and cookies in one of the beautifully designed plates and tumblers.