Window Panels & Sheers

Frame your child’s bedroom windows and create a cozy space for afternoon naps. Window panels and sheers help you add more texture to your space and can control the amount of daylight that enters the room. Panels with blackout backings are excellent options for younger children. These drapes can block out daylight completely, which is handy during early bedtimes in the summer months. Unlined panels can soften the light coming through the window while still allowing some light to shine through. This can be helpful for afternoon naps, darkening the room without creating the illusion of nighttime conditions. Sheers soften the light in the bedroom, which helps keep rooms cool and adds a bit of privacy to the space. For complete control over lighting conditions in the room, layer different kinds of curtains together. Layers are also a fantastic way to create contrast in your decor. Pottery Barn Kids offers panels and sheers in many different colors and prints, giving you many layering options.

Our collections also include a large selection of window hardware and shades to pair with your panels. Hang a printed Roman shade in the window and frame it with a matching set of solid-colored panels. Mix and match different shade and curtain colors to experiment with a color blocking effect. You can also use two different shades to match window treatments with a printed rug or duvet cover. Use hardware such as curtain rings, rods, holdbacks and finials to get creative with your child’s bedroom space.