Transform the playroom or your child’s bedroom into a bright and beautiful space. Lighting can make rooms appear more spacious, providing essential light for reading and homework assignments while accenting the room. Pottery Barn Kids carries light fixtures in a wide variety of styles. Choose ceiling lights, chandeliers, flushmounts and wall fixtures to provide lighting to the entire room. Floor lamps are handy solutions for adding light sources to specific spaces such as corners or alcoves. Table and task lamps work well on nightstands and desks, as the extra light helps reduce strain on the eyes during reading and schoolwork. Nightlights are helpful accessories for babies and young children; they provide comfort in dark conditions and make it easy to navigate the room at night. Customize bedroom decorations with mix-and-match lamp bases and shades.

Use natural light to enhance the effects of lighting fixtures. Hang sheer curtains in the windows to allow lots of natural light to get through. Use blackout panels or shades to block out light from the window during daylight hours. This makes it easier for kids to sleep during afternoon naps or bright summer evenings. Be sure to keep a lamp on a bedside table or a nightlight in an outlet to provide easy access to light.