Under $25

Presents make any child’s eyes light up. They’re a way to congratulate your son or daughter on a job well done at school, and to show how much you love them. Pottery Barn’s high-quality pieces are perfect gifts for newborns, babies and – even mom. They stimulate creativity and imagination while allowing kids to be kids. So no matter what your children’s favorite way to play is, we offer something to make them happy. Don’t forget the importance of a comfy chair to relax in while they draw and discover.

Playroom accessories like cooking equipment take a future chef’s dreams to the next level. The architects of tomorrow like to imagine building skyscrapers with our handy wood blocks and movable construction equipment. And storage baskets make a great gift for mothers trying to teach their children to pick up after themselves, saving a lot of time. If you’re trying to find that ideal present for a newborn’s baby shower, look no further. Our plush toys keep youngsters entertained and enthralled for ages. And ultra-soft blankets wrap them up in warmth, making them feel safe and loved. Many of our pieces can be customized for an extra-special surprise. Among a toddler’s preferred playtime objects are dolls – in the case of girls – and action figures like Batman and Superman. Let your kids set out on an endless amount of adventures without ever leaving the house. Vibrant artwork is a great way to add some flair to a nursery or bedroom.