5 - 7 Years

Let's face it, everyone loves to receive presents. But kids adore it even more than most. Gifts that mom and dad give them as youngsters are usually treasured for a long time. Think of a favorite toy that your little girl or boy doesn't let out of their sight. At Pottery Barn, we know kids. That's why we have a wide selection of toys and personalized items that offer parents a lot of choices when it comes to picking out the perfect present. Best of all, a lot of our pieces aren't just fun, they also help kids exercise their creative side and imagination. If they dream of Star Wars, we've got you covered there too.

Children who like playing with cars and buildable environments are delighted by the Wooden Train Set. Your youngster can become a railway engineer and architect in no time with this hands-on toy set. They decide how to lay the tracks, while also designing a quaint little city within their bounds. Trains and boxcars cruise the line as far as they want. The possibilities are virtually endless, keeping kids entertained for a long time. And because each piece is made of solid wood, they are also practically indestructible, which is a big plus for playful children. This set includes one bridge, two piers, 19 train tracks in different configurations, four signs, four trains, four trees and 14 building blocks for city construction. It also fits other sets in our collection, letting kids add even more complicated tracks and destinations to their transport routes. If you have a little girl that loves to pretend she's cooking just like mommy does, encourage her imagination with a kitchen-themed playroom. And, of course, beach toys and inflatable pools are popular in summer months.