Kids’ Dressers & Armoires

When designing your child’s bedroom, be sure to allow plenty of space for storage. Planning for a child’s clothing storage needs – including dress clothes, play clothes and uniforms – is creatively accomplished with a variety of bedroom furniture, including dressers, armoires and nightstands. Although the bed will be the room’s main focal point, dressers and armoires play a strong supporting role. Pottery Barn Kids offers a large selection of dressers and armoires to match or complement any child’s bedroom design while allowing for maximum storage of clothing, books and toys.

Babies and toddlers may not require much space for clothing storage, but it’s important to plan ahead for when those tiny shirts and pants grow in size. Choose a storage piece to use for larger clothing in the future, and use it for smaller items such as books and toys right now. A sturdy dresser and armoire will grow with your child as your storage needs change, so consider choosing a neutral color palette for these large pieces. We offer bedroom furniture in shades of white, gray and a variety of wood tones that will complement the other furniture pieces in your room. There’s no need to match the finish or color of all the furniture pieces in your child’s room. Choosing a complementary color or style of furniture can add depth and visual interest to your room design. Our dresser selection ranges from two to nine drawers, with plenty of space to organize your child’s clothing at any age. With so many drawers, your kids can take pride in organizing their clothing by category. Plan for a separate drawer for pajamas, socks, shorts and undergarments. As your children grow, their clothing will require more space. Allow for a little extra space in your storage needs calculations to account for this. With our quality storage solutions, it’s possible to let your child’s room decor grow with them, getting years of use for a single purchase.

For a bold look, choose a dresser that will make a statement or complement your child’s bedding. We offer dressers featuring elephants, the alphabet and subtler design elements such as leather pulls, brass-finished accents and storage cubbies. For a bold look that’s easy to change, consider a dresser that allows space for holding interchangeable storage bins. From bold primary colors to seasonal patterns, you’ll be able to update these accent bins with bedding changes, seasonal decorations or changing storage needs. Whether you choose a flexible fabric bin or easily cleaned metal bin, these essential storage components can hold toddler gear, accessories, shoes or hats.

There’s no need to choose between an armoire or dresser when each can complement your child’s room. Consider using the armoire to store dress clothing or clothes for special activities like ballet, swim team or gymnastics. With the addition of a few fabric storage bins, your armoire can easily store baby and toddler gear, seasonal clothing such as hats and swimsuits or even small toys. Our armoires feature details such as removable shelves and mirrored doors and are thoughtfully designed for every use. Useful in space planning, their vertical height can lend visual weight to a wall with a single window, or pair two armoires on either side of a matching desk. A matching or complementary nightstand or pair of nightstands to hold books or a small light will round out your child’s bedroom storage needs.

With careful space planning, your child will take pride in having a place to put away and safely keep all types of clothing. Parents can help their children keep a tidy room by providing an organized space to easily access the items they need most often.