Desks & Chairs

Create a comfortable and productive environment for doing homework assignments, art projects, crafts and hobbies. Desks and chairs offer a separate space for working, letting your child focus on the project at hand. Set up a desk in your child’s bedroom or place one in the family room, den or basement to serve as a shared computer workspace. Pottery Barn Kids offers desks in a variety of sizes and designs. Choose a small desk to create a workspace in a small bedroom. Desks with drawers make good choices for older children, as they offer more space for organizing papers, assignments, supplies and gadgets.

A desk with a hutch offers ample space to hang a pinboard, chalkboard or calendar, letting your child keep track of homework assignments, projects and events. A good, sturdy desk chair is another important consideration. If your child is older and spends more time at the desk on the computer or completing homework assignments, look for a chair that offers plenty of back support. Younger children may be more comfortable in smaller chairs.

The collections feature plenty of items to help your child organize the desk area. Use bookcases to store books, albums, old homework assignments and gadgets, and add small storage bins and baskets to the desktop or drawers to hold art supplies, pens, tape, glue and other desk essentials.