Kids’ Desks & Chairs

As your little preschooler turns into a young elementary school scholar, it is important to create a comfortable and organized space for her to do homework. Sure, the kitchen table and the desk in your own office are available, but that can lead to distractions as other family members leave and enter the room. Instead, try adding a desk and chair to your child’s bedroom, so that she can enjoy the peace and quiet while she attempts to master those fractions or reads over her notes for the big exam. At Pottery Barn Kids, we offer kids’ desks and chairs in a variety of styles, shapes and colors to match any bedroom.

Before purchasing a desk, consider your child’s specific needs. You want a desk and chair that your child fits in comfortably. Ideally, her feet should touch the floor, and she should be able to climb into her chair without help from you and other adults. If your child will be using a desktop or laptop computer at the desk, be sure she can reach it without having to strain her neck or wrists. While you might be tempted to buy an adult desk your child can grow into, a desk designed specifically for kids is much more comfortable and better your child’s health. When it comes to chairs, you often have a little extra flexibility because many desk chairs are adjustable and can grow as your child does.

Other things to consider when purchasing a desk include how much space your child has in her bedroom. Larger rooms can accommodate grand desks with plenty of storage, display and surface space, while you need something more compact for a smaller room. We even offer desks that fit specifically in the corner of the bedroom to prevent them from taking up too much wall or floor space.

As for the desk itself, surface space is an important consideration. Will you set up your child’s computer here or is it simply a place to draw, color and write? Do you need space for a lamp or is the lighting in your child’s bedroom sufficient? The desk can also double as storage for everything from books and toys to school and craft supplies, so take this into consideration when looking at those with drawers and shelving. The more storage it offers, the less likely you are to need additional furniture in the room. At the very least, you will want one with one drawer so that your child can keep extra pencils and other supplies handy for those busier homework days. Many of our desks take advantage of vertical space to offer extra cubbies, drawers and display areas where you can place bulletin boards and calendars.

We offer both swivel and stationary desk chairs in styles to suit every taste. Made from fine products like rubberwood, linen, steel, velvet and denim, each one is durable enough to stay with your child through the high school years. Depending on which chair you choose, enjoy features like gently sloping arms, padded cushioning, casters that roll 360 degrees, height-adjustment mechanisms and chrome and antique brass finishes.

Once you have selected a desk and chair, consider purchasing a few accessories to complete your new setup. A clear surface mat is an excellent way to make your child’s study space fun and to protect your new furniture. It fits over the top of the desk, and you can place photos and drawings beneath it. The acrylic material protects your desk from spills and scratches and makes it even easier to keep clean and dust-free. If you opted for one of our upholstered desk chairs, consider a cotton twill cushion for additional comfort.