Unlike some other forms of entertainment, books are something most parents will happily let their kids access with ease. Not only are books a great way to get your kids to stay quiet and exercise their imaginations, they’re also an important learning tool that will help set your little ones up for future success. Send your kid a message about how important their books are with one of Pottery Barn Kids' bookcases. Blending the fun with the functional, our bookcases come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, allowing you to pick the ideal option for your kids’ space, whether it’s a special playroom or just a reading nook in a quiet bedroom corner.

From whimsical shapes to traditional styles, our bookcases and shelving units provide ample storage and are sturdy enough to stay in your kid’s room for many years to come. Not only do we offer the storage, we also offer some books, too, allowing you to outfit an entire shelving unit with reading materials and toys to help make your kid’s room more enjoyable. Many of our styles would be suitable in any room of the house, meaning that you can reuse them for your own purposes when your little ones fly the nest and go off to live on their own as adults.