Boy Quilts and Comforters

In addition to giving warmth and comfort, quilt or comforter is like the icing on a cake, providing colorful decoration to cap off a bed. The comforter you choose for your kid will be a source of enjoyment, a familiar surface where bedtime stories are read and elaborate fictional scenarios play out with the child’s favorite toys. Pottery Barn Kids' boy quilts and comforters are perfect for any kid who prefers darker colors and prints using vibrant primary colors rather than pastels. While these colors and patterns tend to be more traditional for boys’ rooms, they may be appealing to girls as well.

Our collection of boy quilts and comforters includes a variety of different styles, from preppy plaids to character patterns from major movie franchises such as Star Wars. Coordinate your comforter or quilt with some matching bedding and room decor for a cohesive look. There’s something for every kind of kid, whether you’ve got a studious or a rambunctious little one on your hands. With customization options like personalization embroidery available on some of our comforters and quilts, you can help craft the ideal room to help your kid feel comfortable and special whenever he or she goes to bed.